Monday, November 30, 2009

May your tribe increase, Bryan!

Our old washing machine hasn't been functioning well for the past weeks, so I decided to use our new LG automatic turbo drum. It has been there in the corner and just waiting to be noticed until finally I have to. So when I was in SM I took the chance to look for some fittings and connector for the water supply hose and the drain hose. I thought I'd have to look for it at the local hardware pa. But I did try asking one male promo-dizer named Bryan who approached us in time. He politely helped and gave me some tips. I fondly admire this young man who knows what good manner is. In jest I asked him if he's married. He says he's still single. In jest I said, ako rin single. And we have a good laugh specially my daughter. :)

PS/ Ang sarap ng feeling pag may nakakasalamuha akong taong gaya ni Bryan na magalang at very efficient pa.

Ayan nagagamit ko na. At satisfied na ako sa bango ng mga uniforms nila. Very convenient pang gamitin. :)

An unpredictable boo boo

Got zillion of things to do everyday doing this and that. A typical multi-tasker. A typical mom. Deprived of making sleeps and getting sidelined for even a few seconds to make [have] decent sleeps...but am allowed to power nap at least. Always on call and on duty. Wheeeew! Look what I've got! Bruised shoulder after I banged it from the corner of our dining table right after I picked up a small clutter under. Good thing it's still in shape and didn't break a bit.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Amazing dexterity!

When The Heartaches Is Over

Once in a lifetime you find
Someone to show you the way
Someone to make your decisions
And I let you lead me astray

Who did you think you were fooling
Said you were missing me blind
But the truth is I knew you were lying
You were using me time after time

When the heartache is over
I know I wont be missing you missing you
Wont look over my shoulder
cause I know that I can live without you
Oh live without you
Oh I can live without you

Time to move on with my life now
Leaving the past all behind
I can make my own decisions
It was only a matter of time
Sometimes I look back in anger
Thinking about all the pain
But I know that I'm stronger without you
And that Ill never need you again
Repeat chorus

Thursday, November 26, 2009

I love flapjacks! time I was with my son to renew my driver's license when all of a sudden I just felt a bit woozy. We decided to eat because I thought we might had just both felt a bit famished. While choosing where and what...I couldn't decide what to eat except for a steaming coffee and nothing but flapjacks. Since it was just a couple of hours away to lunch, McDo has no more pancakes and coffee available at that moment. But I was craving for coffee. Was dying to eat hot flapjacks or nothing at all. The solution son got out and to look for food of his choice. Ayun kumain ng chicken. Me I was left eating my favorite flapjack with soft melting butter with honey. And being a coffee fiend, I sipped my tempting fresh brewed coffee with lashings of [fresh] creamer.

I've chosen to live in the moment....

I am not the planning-ahead type of a person...that's why I just take each day as it comes. For me what is more important is today, not yesterday...and not tomorrow for I believe that sometimes tomorrow will never come. And that's reality. We cannot tell what the future holds so to say. But I don't believe in indulgence and seizing the day. I have never indulge on anything in my whole life. I maybe living in frugality but not on a shoestring. What is important for me is health and as long as we're breathing there's so much to be grateful enough.

Live neither in the past nor in the future, but let each day's work absorb your entire energies, and satisfy your widest ambition. Sir William Osler

I love this piece by Yiruma

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Got it!

I just got my new driver's license. It's already late na nga but it was because of Ondoy and not from my own doing. I haven't driven yet sans my DL...ever. I'm afraid of getting caught and be given an offense ticket. I haven't got any road violations or whatsoever [**crossing my fingers**]since I started out. Good thing. But except when I was lobbed a case at one point of my life and was caught in a tight spot, for reckless driving resulting to minor physical injuries...but it's another story to tell. Afaiac and tbh, I didn't and I swore on my mother's grave. Sometimes or most of the time...blah blah blah...remember the old cliche about "two sides of the same coin?" I was at lost then when the decision didn't work well for me. And it wrecked the whole of me going through all those steps...imagine the humiliation I got inside of me...while having those mugs shots? I really felt so so bad. And the piano playing? And the fear of subpoena? And the money to pay for the hearing and the acceptance fee? It was really horrible. And know what, I did lose everything, on technicality. And my good lawyer was...very nice because she left the country without a hint...without a trail. I still can vividly remember....the scene at the court...the honorable judge asking me then. "Where's your lawyer?" Your Honor, I think she'll be here in just a few minutes. "Didn't you know that your lawyer is in the United States right at this very moment?" And I felt numbed. And til now, I can't forget that courtroom scene for the rest of my life. The lessons I've learned, the heartaches, the possible indictments, was forced to bargain and pay the plaintiff for the damages that was pretty steep and the mental turmoil when pleading ...not guilty Your Honor! if all my guts were squished out knowing you were left alone to defend yourself. It was all seared in my memory.

So for you out there who's taking chances. Be a responsible driver and observe road regulations to avoid such experience. Wear helmets if you're using motor bikes. The simple buckling down of seat-belts we always tend to forget. We can avoid accidents by being responsible drivers.
Like what happened a month and a half ago in Taytay near Metro East Club gate. Seven people I think had died in the incident because of a wayward truck that had lost its break according to the reports. Vehicles should always be in good running condition. Do not ignore this simple things yet usually the source of untimely death of some innocent people.

Let's all be responsible and be very careful when driving.
Take heed!

Call me cranky, testy or whatsoever it be!

The other day I rode a jeep going to PSB Taytay. One young couple also hopped in and sat beside me. Ooops! I felt something cold just spilt on my left foot three middle digits. Grrr, kainis. I looked around to check where it came from. Uhhhmmmmm...the man seated just right beside me was holding something in plastic the brim hah! It looked like halo halo. Tama bang maghalo halo sa loob ng jeep, at 9 in the morning? So syempre what would you expect? Eh di ba malagkit yon. He saw me wiping it pero dedma ang loko. Hmmmpf! Didn't even have the nerve to say sorry man lang basta he kept on eating then afterward giving it to the girl. What am trying to say here is...mahirap bang magsay ng sorry? Or wala talaga silang pakialam sa kapwa. You know something I hate riding in a public utility vehicle is...when someone is trying to get your attention when paying, pag inabot mo yun out of being helpful...ala di ka man lang makarinig ng "thank you" or "salamat" ...don ako nanggigigil eh. What I do is...I try to look for something in my bag, text text imagine those bacteria you can get from those coins na nagpalipat lipat na ng mga kamay? Pero sometimes I can't help myself, at naiaabot ko rin. The bottom line here is, you prepare yourself to go out, by taking a bath, having clean toes...then someone will ruin everything. At dededmahin ka pa. It hurts di ba? Naka-havaianas ka nga with matching clean toenails pa...ang lagkit lagkit naman. Cheese and rice! Grrrr....

To you...sorry ha natuluan mo kasi ako eh. Next time you want halo halo just go to Chowking. Or kay Elvie's, mura na masarap pa...lawl! :)

PS/ Would anyone believe na I do say sorry and excuse me kay Mishah? Lawl...

Some people specially the younger generation should practice this courteousness and show that good manners is still indeed in their system. Nawawala na nga ang po at opo...pati ba naman good manners eh mawawala rin?

Love this guy ...

'Coz Kurt Hugo Schneider is really oozing with so much appeal plus his extra talent in piano playing which I do envy a lot. In fact I had bought a Weinstein piano but oh kingdom is in the kitchen and not with the keys. :)

Now here's Miley...I love this song!

Lyrics | Miley Cyrus lyrics - The Climb lyrics

Monday, November 23, 2009

Signposts of my own development...

Happiness like beauty is relative. For me really being happy depends on how you look at your blessings. Me, though we're not that complete due to some unavoidable circumstances having the third party not on my end but the other one...still life for me is a blessing indeed. That's why I always say I feel blest. The best way to deal in life is to look at it in the most positive way with whatever will be left. Whatever you've got in your hands, have to feel proud of it and be grateful as ever. Being happy is how you understand matter how you wanted to have a complete family if someone naman has to pull the other end, how will you go about the situation? Me after the excruciating test, surprisingly I bounced back and had picked up the pieces...because I knew if I wouldn't make myself stronger no one would even try for me...that's life...that's the reality of life. You will be tested on how to make things work still with all those things you whinged about when you are left alone in your room with all those soliloquies... [wondering why we're made to suffer]. Of course we all think that being incomplete is filled with hopelessness and unendurable frustration but if the future is important to us, we can still survive because we have to. Of course I was once wrecked, but what is important is what was left So instead of asking why, I did look for the positive remnants out of that negative side of my life. The feeling of relinquishing responsibility to someone else's shoulder is beyond my wish. Sulking as if wading through quicksand just because you are left alone is immaturity. Though honestly I was wrecked...[and who wouldn't be], my bruised mind insisted I shouldn't dumped my life just like that. I still got my children who needed my attention, my love and my care. So the bottom line be able to bounce back to life...amidst those trials. Being resilient is the name of the game.

PS/I wrote this because I happened to stumble one blog wherein the writer felt, or rather expresses some paranoias of losing her own life, losing her dh, be it to other woman or the other means of losing someone. Life changes...and it's inevitable. Some would even ask why is life so difficult for some people and not for others? We do carry our own yoke so to say. So we have to be wary and be on guard to whatever will be coming our way. For me, as long as I breathe air...I am blest!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Wisps of delights...

For me, I have learned to accept trials head on. Kahit ano pa mang dumating I would always ask for enough courage. Like what Kcat would always tell us in her posts... "marasap mabuhay, tikman mo!"

"Pass-the-buck mentality"

There are people who do things and say the opposite things. Doing every measure to double up their earnings, but defacing other property without knowing the consequences of their actions. But I do believe that no one stands above the law. Makalusot ka man, we still have the karma. Now she's spreading something which is beyond the what has really happened. When I heard of this, I was LQTM...because the truth is...I lobbed a case against them. And suffice to say...I did win my battle...because I was able to get all my money back! Lol! She's a liar to the max...she and her DH. This person is spreading that I wasn't able to pay daw my dues so they shooed me out. No no no! That's baloney! Of course not! I have here with me my legal evidences against them...involving legal matters and I can truly say that though I didn't pushed it to higher court they are marred with some negative remarks from those people whom I've talked with. I got my Certification to File Action and I can say that I have an edge because I was the one aggrieved here by all accounts. And with all those meetings and went to foregone conclusion that they did not abide some ethical rules in accordance with our existing law. Simpleng simpleng pagkakamali. Now she has the nerve to spread lies. How could anyone do this while others' wouldn't...or couldn't?

For one reason I don't know why am always magnetized by some unscrupulous people.Not to say I am dumby or what...bad weeds are roaming pretending to be good wearing sheepskin really and you cannot tell...because there's a thin line separating them because you know how competent these people who's out there to hoodwink and sweet talking and cajoling easy target. Now...I've learned my lesson the hard way. Just don't give your hundred percent trust! Give it a hundred times to think it over before going to a deal.

To you...whoever you've done enough damages with your shut your yap!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Monday, November 16, 2009

Still [half] heartbroken

I still wish to have our car fixed one day and have it test drived. Ondoy had ruined a lot of my home furnishing,appliances, gadgets gone warped and including our family car that is still resting in the garage because the computer box was soaked in flood water. I was the only one at home during the surging of water, stunned and didn't know how to pull the cb and the battery out.  Now every time I see the car there waiting for mechanical resuscitation, I am truly heartbroken...but what is more than worse compared to others who have lost their loved ones due to that raging calamity. Well...  it's only a least we're still complete unlike those who have been in agony losing someone for the rest of time. And have gone shot to the curb indeed!

PS/ By now...I sure hope they're already picking up the pieces...

We're still blest!

Keep your face always toward the sunshine and shadows will fall behind you! (W. Whitman)

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Glorious celebration!

It's really a glorious day indeed for Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao and the rest of Filipino people all over the world for being able to bring home the much sensationalized title and whoah...the belt...with all it's precious precious stones, diamonds pa lang nasa 400 na raw. Wow! Everyone in his den is so ecstatic wearing the wide smile and ranting bonus! bonus! bonus! Wheew, not only the cliched "when it rains it pours" but also his fervent zeal to maintain his name and the Philippines as well on top of everyone when it comes to power and stamina inside the ring. Really he won't be the Pound for Pound Champion for nothing!

Congrats Manny! You're the man...!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Life Lessons

It has been said that life is the most patient teacher. You will be presented with the same experience over and over until you learn the best way to deal with the situation.. This is not because life is cruel. Rather, it is because things have a way of coming back to haunt us when we don't deal with them. One form of intelligence is the ability to learn from mistakes. When you are presented with a painful experience, take the time to think about how you can avoid it in the future. This is an example of a lesson learned.

Source: familyfriendpoems

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Checking my vitals!

Yup! I am checking my vitals since a day or two. Just got our internet broadband and again it pissed me off when the lineman who dug the grounding had hit our water pipeline.My gowdy, imagine my children should be up and about early for their classes but we haven't had any water because of someone's ineptitude and  sassing pa after we talked about the problem who'd be fixing it.

Well...I gave the company a call and told what happened. And gave them a condition that if and when no one fix it up, I'll go straight to DTI Office and file my complaint. To make the story short, they fixed it up in the morning. Sometimes if you show you're timid and dumby, they'd gonna take advantage of it and leave you out with the problem of their own doing. Ay hindi pwede yun. So, let's teach these people some lessons. Kinabukasan, they were so apologetic and courteous na. Dapat lang. They paid the labor cost and the plumbing materials na hindi naman kamahalan, but I did gave pa rin a hundred pesos to the plumber for being so polite.

Now going back to my vitals, I did delete so many spam in my emails and answered some  and visited my blogsites, posted some and created another site that bears the title, All Greek To Me...but it's on anonymity. It's okey if I gave away the title anyway it has another translation naman. So bahala na kung Spanish ba, or Japanese or whatever. Why am I doing this? It is because I want to write something free of anything. I want it free flowing. I find pleasure in writing. I am happier when I write something na pinaghirapan ko. It may seem easier but you know sometimes I do get a writer's block...wherein you cannot seem to start and don't know either where to begin or how. Cheese and rice! Sometimes I zoned out, would you believe it?!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Words to ponder

You can please all of the people some of the time, and you can please some of the people all the time, but you cannot please all the people all the time, nor should you try to do so.

Certainly we can't!

Sunday, November 8, 2009


According to Wallace Stegner, The lessons of life amount not to wisdom, but to scar and callus... and I have no reason but to believe him.

I couldn't fathom why and how anyone could manage to pull other people's string to no end. I have had this mind squeezing and heart tearing experience from this couple who have had offered everything nice and good, only to leave us in so much agony without a trace or even a splinter of guilt in their hearts. I don't know how I would be able to sleep if my conscience was bothered by my ill-doings against anyone for that matter, much more if I'd be slapped with a clear lawsuit. I thought I'd end up in a coffin or let's just say a hospital bed during the time I was hounded by this dilemma. Because there were times I'd been down with my sudden episodes of hypertension and angina attack. I couldn't find any suitable curse or badmouthing against this fantastic duo. The wife's tongue really stinks, you'd think she had made it her personal mission to make one's life miserable while the husband who hides in her wife's skirt really is wearing a sheepskin. This may not seem like such a big deal to others, but it us. We cried a whole lot over this matter. The damage they've thrown us really broke our hearts into pieces but still I can face the world without blinking...and without an iota of guilt. Out of ten people I've talked to, no one has ever made a single nice comment about them...all negative, poor souls. Completely opposite of my old character, being so ballistic and going commando most of the time when I was younger...I've tried my best to remain calmer fighting my chance against their ill deeds...I just prayed a lot and did hang on. Though with a bruised heart, at least I am wearing my sweetest smile now. This nightmarish...or let's say dramatic experience felt like I was thrown in the midst of the black hole without anyone and nothing to hold on to. Plus the fact that I have never been treated so poorly as dirt in my whole life until this dispute happened. But I am grateful to some people who still know what is right and what is wrong. It would be a gross oversight not to highlights the concern of some people who helped me enough, and for that I have many special thank yous for you. May your tribe increase.

This is another lesson learned from the company of bad weeds of the earth roaming to find trusting [not to use the word sitting] ducks ...making them an easy target. This emotional roller coaster ride I should say put my luck somewhere between zero and nil.

But here I am, still standing and breathing...alive and kicking. I just hope not to be just a keeper of bad memories like this one. Oh no not again...please. To the couple, I hope they become better person and be able to please the One above.