Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Not to let melancholy hook bit deep...

Problems...problems...who doesn't have any problem now, now that we all know that life is just too difficult money-wise. To make it easier for us, let's accept that life is just a series of problems and truly difficult, and we cannot do anything about that but to make things work for us. And what is important is how we deal with it, (uy parang yung blog description ko ah...lol!). Instead of moaning about it, why not look for some possible answer to solve it, positively. Problems left unsolved evoke only frustration or grief, anguish or despair, loneliness, anger, or fear. These are uncomfortable feelings we will have to suffer if we do not solve the problems sensibly head on.
Instead of being just too weak, skulking helplessly, let's try to gather enough strength and courage to face it and resolve it with total discipline. Yup. it's a simple matter of discipline.

Without discipline we can solve nothing!

I remember T. Roosevelt once said that..."Things that hurt, instruct"
[I am not 100% sure about this if it's really from TR, just correct me if I am wrong here...]

Just like walking on a gangplank...

Looking back on it, she couldn't believe that she had been so naive...and so desperate to prove her womanhood and independence. It was the only relationship in her life that qualified as a "fling,"
the only time she had ever been swept away. For that man, for no other man before or since, for that man alone, she had put aside her morals and principles and commonsense, heeding only the urgent desires. She had told herself that it was Romance with a capital R, not just love but the Big Love. Actually she had just been weak, vulnerable, and eager to make a fool of herself. Later, when she realized Mr. Wonderful had lied to her and just used her with cold, and cynical disregard for her feelings, when she discovered that she had just given herself to a man who was utterly without respect for her and who lacked even a minimal sense of responsibility for what he had done, so she had been deeply ashamed. Eventually, she realized there was a point at which shame and remorse became self-indulgent and nearly as lamentable as the sin that had occasioned those emotions, so she put the shabby episode behind her and vowed to forget it. She accepted that it was such a foolish and such regrettable decision she had ever made...and adults could sometimes be just as dumb and confused as little kids. It made her want to cry by such foolishness...she just made a complete fool of herself.

(only an excerpts...)

Sunday, August 1, 2010

I have learnt silence from the talkative, toleration from the intolerant, and kindness from the unkind; yet strange, I am ungrateful to these teachers.
Kahlil Gibran