Monday, July 27, 2009

A great loss....

Anyway, he has left us a legacy that will always remain here with us...his music and the great talent in dancing he has shared with us. I always believe in his prowess as a total entertainer ever has lived, no matter what they have been saying about him being an oddball or eccentric person. Every people naman yata I guess have their skeleton in their own closet. We're just speaking of enormous God-given talent here. And so...may he really have found peace now that he was ever longing when he was still alive.

Am sure he will always be remembered..through his music.

PS/ Opo late reaction na toh, since I am a fanatic of MJ ...I was so sadden na I couldn't blog about how I felt when he died. Since that time we still hadn't any access of the internet. I was sidelined to do whatever there has to be undertaken... and so that was the reason of this late reaction of mine. Better late than never.

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