Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Here's a toast!

I am in cloud nine after being apoplectic after those painful hours of waiting for the audition yesterday. We were one of the earliest birds to a stickler of punctuality if in case no one, and met Junelle who's very amiable and the ever friendly Hilda of IV Love ng JSJHS. Of course my son's so jittery at that time. Imagine nga naman eh isang primie or firstie na tutugtog sa harap ng isang henyong sudition kakabugin ka nga...sigh...di ko alam kung pano ko alisin ang kanyang kaba. I just told him na panic kills! Anyway we arrived at 7am and we were one of the lasts group na makapasok sa AR. So far naman eh nakapasa and not to brag naman pero he got the 5 mark and I believe na it was the highest dahil 1-5 yun. But it's not the game is kung makakayanan niya ang pressures ng Conservatory of Music...dahil it requires a lot of hardwork not only talents. I just hope na makaya niya yun...which is dapat lang dahil madugo pala yun...meaning may kamahalan ang tf...sigh... :)

Now my son wears a wide smile...he's now a Thomasian! And I am a proud mother....!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Havaianas 3 for P100?!

Gone out with kids the night before. While we were sitting at the dining area of Jollibee, Robinson's son told me to look at my back where an open stall were located. He went like, mama look, faked Havaianas and Crocs are for sale!

What I did was, I just went near the stall and look what's the grat difference between the orig and the faked brand. Kitang kita naman ang difference tho I kept wondering why and how could anyone has the nerve to do such thing eh alam na alam nilang bawal yun. Talagang ginaya pa, Havaianas and not Havanas ha...if you want you can see it for yourself. Just go to Robinson's Junction branch...baka kayo maubusan...harhar! Good thing it has no lead for sure!

PS/ Took pictures but I couldn't post it for now since I am still using computer in no access at home. This will remain for the next 3 months. Wheew!