Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I really missed blogging!

Whoah! Went out to buy cloth but it's so hot...man, I can't stand the heat...here now at netopi@ to have a cooler ambience while having time visiting my sites. My headache is now building up, I guess I just have to stay for a few minutes more. I need to go home and rest. Too much heat is really debilitating me completely and suko ako dito. Buti na lang I saw this picture right off when I was deleting old mails. This one struck me instantly. I love this what they call hedgedog. First time to see this young and very small and cuddly cute creature. For more pictures click this link from StumbleuUpon. It looks like a squeeze ball when they try to escape predator.
My headache is really building up now so I have to s.o. first and then check my ATM and go home. I miss blogging talaga. I am so busy the past months and still is up to my neck. My gift for Tack on her birthday is still waiting to be mailed [....Tack am really sorry, my bad]

Saturday, May 16, 2009

It's been so long!

Whoah! It's been a month since I last visited this site. And it's like a year already. Wow, I missed so much this thing I do for almost everyday the first time I would open my eyes in the morning. Still got no internet access at home that's why I couldn't just log on the way I'm doing it before. Still I have to visit this place like Netopi@ in order to open my emails or even blog the way I got used to...sigh...got so many ideas and stories to tell. But well, sometimes if it's already delayed na, it's kind of lazy na to write. I wanted it hot and brewing of course. Though it's way late na, I wanna greet my good friend TACK for her birthday this month. This person is so lovable and so full of courage. I envy how she got her faith from those experiences she's got in her very young age. For me she's a darling. She's godsent talaga. Imagine, siya pa ang naguuplift sa akin all the times. She's a wonderful soul...to you my dearie...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Hope you got it blasting! May you have many more birthdays to come your way....!