Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Still not in sync...

Got empty coconut...writer's block indeed. I don't know what to write still...what to tell...I can't believe it, my mind is not working. No idea what to write as well as what to tell about. Maybe days in hospital has had ruined my memory due to too much stress and apprehension. It has reached my high-water mark, as a long last everything is now okey after that long overdue surgical plasty...

Big thanks to all specially Dr. Jesus Benjamin Mendoza, other doctors and nurses [sorry I wasn't able to get their names] , and everyone there...and also Babes, they made everything easier for me and my son during our week-long stay at EAMC. And salamat sa pagvisit ni Sir Rudolf at sa pagpapasaya niya sa akin during those times na I couldn't wear my usual grin, though I tried so hard to make everything looked pink and positive. Parang ngayon ako na-harassed. Am not in my normal self pa still. Parang my mind is so lax and slack. LOL, kung baga sa termino ng mga singers eh mumog. Yup, idle ang mind ko ngayon, ayaw magwork. All focus ako ngayon to take care of my son who is still recuperating at home. On Friday we still have to see Dr. Mendoza for check up at Cardinal Santos Medical Hospital.

By God's graces at least panatag na ako at natuloy din yun sa wakas. Sometimes we just have to wait what God has planned for us. Sabi nga nila patience is a virtue...tama nga. And the most important thing to do is to keep positive mind on all things specially the not-so-good-things we have in life. Just keep on hanging on to the Lord and you'll be on the safe side. Just how Tack is doing. By the way she'll be spending her birthday with a blast, ahmmm...check it out. I just wish I could be one of the lucky well-wishers this time [with crossed fingers]. Laging di ako maka-attend eh.

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