Thursday, May 24, 2012

Just a recap...

at the entrance...
it's cold inside of course!
I was totally in awed by merely looking at those precious stalactites and stalagmites and all wonders inside the cave and this trip happened barely a month after the great tsunami in Japan took place (March 11, 2011). And so I was afraid and too paranoid... so anxious to get out cos we were still having too many mild aftershocks that time. I was like...Aya, hurry up...hurry up. Good Lord we hadn't felt any dramatic shake inside...

drip, drip...i made a wish here...
One has to crawl...for a wish they off i went crawling!
It takes about a hundred years daw for stalactites to grow one centimeter...and we saw columns inside this tunnel (Japan), unadulterated and it's been here na many thousands of years already!
Falls inside the cave???
I love the  gushing sound of the waterfalls ...

wheeew, it's too cold!
Real damn cold at 14~17 degree C!
Flowing water from the cave is said to be full of Calcium ions...and the wind gives a lot of anions...a great experience! ;D

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