Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Oh dear...

Woke up in the morning only to find our car hit by a stray bullet, what kind...I do not know. What happened? I don't know either.

 But whoever is the culprit here...he must be very stupid firing a gun and having a mishit is just not sooo right. I know that air gun sometimes can be used using .22 caliber bullets aside from the normal one used. I salvaged the slug right beside our flower pot. And when my son brought it to the police headquarters, the officer told him that it could be a .22 cal since the slug  looks exactly like one...but they need to send it to SOCO (?) for  evaluation what kind of gun was used, so they say.

Now... the question here is... what if one of my children was hit? Oh good Lord...now I just felt so lucky that my problem is just to buy a back window replacement...than nursing a wounded child.

So as I always write and I believe...I'm so so blest!
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