Sunday, December 16, 2012

Tearful day...

Almost everyone was moved to tears  about the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary. Some innocent  children who have a lot ahead of themselves have been deprived of tomorrows and had left their families in great shock. The lone troubled-gunman was identified as Adam Lanza, just about 20 year old boy for whatever reason sprayed bullets on everyone in his path.  The report says, after killing his mother...drove himself to school and gunned down 26 people...young and old...and made the quiet town in chaos for hours...and maybe it will gonna take months or years  to heal the pain of this unfortunate and fateful incident specially to the victims' families as well. But for the parents of those little kids, am sure the pain will always linger  forever, knowing their children could have lived longer and shared their dreams together.

The world is praying altogether for the souls of all the victims of that tragic rampage.

And now... the question is, what drove this young man to do that irrational and evil act of killing?


I know that the pain incurred in your lives something very very difficult and  irreconcilable.

This song was written by Chris Martin in collaboration with the rest of the band members during the time when Chris' wife Gwyneth Paltrow was grieving over his father's death...

I dedicate this song for everyone who is in grieving time right now...

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