Saturday, November 16, 2013

Just getting it off their chest...

The Aquino administration is receiving negative reactions from social media due to the voices of enormous Yolanda victims airing their true sentiments  on how they act a bit slow distributing the foreign aids after the violent Yolanda left the Philippines. Been days of thirst and hunger, cold and many got sick' old and children alike...and many cadaver still lying there without proper-handling of the casualties.  It's all over the news and am sure you or we are all updated to what's happening to ill-stricken provinces specially the hardest hit city of Tacloban. On my FB page I saw and read one post advising people not to judge the administration swiftly since that person saw a particular team working hard to help the victims in Tacloban for that day he took his family out of that devastated province. This urged me to write what I thought's more right. Having seen what he saw doesn't equate to what is really happening everywhere. So let's give their chance ... no gagging, no covering-ups please...let all these criticisms be heard for the betterment of our country's immediate action in time of crises.

let's respect people who's now shouting out their grievances as long as they don't go overboard and incite extreme harshness against the government since they have the right to be heard also, specially those who are in battered areas and who've lost their loved ones. elected officials are there to serve and help at their utmost capacity. we are just silently observing their actions, and this latest horrific-devastation gave people enough courage to speak their minds and so, let their woes be heard...

let **some** government officials receive all the flaks they deserve... they should all be under the scrutiny of the people who put them all in power.

PS/The mysterious 10 billion php Napoles  empire proves for the nth time that there are really this honcho-connivances and wrong-doings in our government. 

If no one will criticize, then who will...and when...?! Let it be fair and square...

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