Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day

There's never a day goes by na hindi ko naalala ang nanay ko sa tanda kong ito. But we've just got to move on and deal with what is ahead of us, more importantly to do our role as mothers. If I will compare my kids to the younger me then...I am in no match. I wonder how life would be had they been hardheaded or ballistic like me before...always wanting to prove my point. Yes I got some petty issues before with my mother that I thought was so big...if life can be rewinded, I probably would deal with it not the way I did that usually makes her broken-hearted   (...cue music)

To my NANAY, I know you are just watching over us...and am sure you are proud of me because I raised your grands much better than my person... and I will do the same for your future greats. I love you nanay... for giving me life and for raising a strong person that I am today... <3 p="">

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