Sunday, August 17, 2014

Hubba hubba

Yesterday, while I was cleaning I unexpectedly saw vegetable peddler with big umbrella and a wooden cart. Me, with uncombed messy bun and wearing a  house dress scurried away to call the woman. I eagerly bought string beans, onions, bitter gourd and squash. Then one lady neighbor saw me and told me "I seldom see you outside, blah blah and you look sexier now." I said Thank you of course.I don't know if it's true or not but in my mind I was so much joy because they aren't the type who praise you so much...instead you'll hear some negative remarks or nothing at all. Well for the very first time I heard something uncommon. And to think I am  inevitably on a diet plan. When I got back home I weighed myself and voila... I've lost some. I also heard my younger son saying one morning... "Mama, I noticed you look slimmer...."
And having two in a row makes me feel hubba hubba!

I am forever on a diet plan not because I want to look good, which of course all women do and want. I am dieting and always wanting to lose some because of my doctor's advice. Being scoliotic you need to be able to maintain a lighter frame because of our weaker back bones. Would anyone believe I used to be a 181?!

I am now on my 153 frame. I target to go a hundred forty plus. That's a feat for me. Everyone knows how hard it is to lose weight specially one at my age range. I am more focus now on how to maintain a healthy living by trying to stay away from the dining table and not lose some important nourishments as well. 

I am a firm believer that "Healthy is truly our wealth" 

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