Friday, July 31, 2009


Some people are...

This happened a couple of months ago na. We went to a depot just opposite Meralco in Ortigas.Went there to buy electrical fixtures and after long hours of choosing the right lighting fixtures I went outside to the other stalls to look around when a lady went to asked me to try their wares. Though a bit tired already and had no intention to buy anything...but still was too polite to give her a yes. When I got looked as though everything was so rehearsed. Ako pa, I have had already an inkling what would happen. Hehehe. Nanalo daw ako ng very wide screen plasma tv...well, tell that to the marines! I was a bit annoyed and couldn't help but stared at the whole team flatly while they were all greeting me and as if nanalo ako ng milyon sa isang lotto draw, they went like "ma'm you're so lucky to have won this plasma tv...but you have to pay this induction stove" but could you imagine how much? A whopping P44,000...just how they did to Senator Noli de Castro . Saw in late news awhile ago. Going back, hindi nila ako napilit. As in wala po akong money.Kesyo sasama pa sa akin sa house to get cash when I told them I have had no cash on hand. May ganito ng nangyari sa akin when me and my dau was looking for a nice van...ayun pinilit pilit na sumama sa amin yung agent cum owner, and presto...he got the P5000.00 earnest money, to make it short the went kaput...and so there was an altercations paghaharap and some nasty SMS. Ayaw ng ibigay...that old Nick even texted me"pack you"...I said...nice!...but next time spell it right you humbug! And in my mind..ang tanda tanda na eh bastos pa. It was a lesson learned, though the hard way. In this difficult times that we are now having, ingat sa mga manloloko. Now back to the depot scene...they insisted to use my credit card or cheques. Imagine they wanted to take pictures pa daw of me having these prizes won...naku I begged shy po ako and sa blog ko lang ako nagpapapicture. When I was getting piqued and irritated already 'coz they're keeping me quite longer enough...I made a sudden polite...excuse- me -I- have- to-go-attitude. Then they gave me those 3 ballpens as token. Matutuwa na sana ako eh...when we were inside the car pinagtawanan ako nina JUli & Ace kasi naman none of them was sumusulat. To the garbage where they belong...sigh

PS/ ***do I need to name names?! Oh loko eh pati naman si Senator eh di pinatawad. Yesterday naman it was Ace who lost his temper. He helped Juli buy her mom's a cp. So may extra battery inside the box...pagdating sa car, nawala yung extra batt.. Juli went to get the missing batt, the man whom they got it told..."nasa lalaki, baka gustong maging 3 battery" naku Ace scurried to make clear of the lost batt. He told the girl , who he thought was the culprit..."ikaw hah ang bilis ng kamay mo...then to the man...At anong sinasabi mong nasa akin yung batt, eh anong gagawin ko jan?...[kasi po ang cp niya'y puro padala ng ate niya] Ang babastos ninyo, kayo na nga binilhan ako pa ididiin ninyo sa mga panloloko ninyo, eh kung isoli ko kaya ito?.... Ang ending pahiyang pahiya sila. I stay away from hurling belligerent tones pero wag naman nating itolerate ang mali. Dun tayo sa tama. And eto pa, we went naman sa Sta Lucia to download series of Xmen movies kasi nagustuhan ko yung last series and I like Hugh Jackman a lot after Nicolas Cage. So ayun pili kaming medyo magandang pagda-downloadan. Ang ending yung girl annoyed me naman when she told me na..."ma'm wala naman pong mga laman tong iPod ninyo eh". Oh dear me!...went like...At sino maysabi sa iyo? Sobrang dami kaya ng laman niyan at kabisado ko pa. Naburang lahat ang laman ng iPod ko! Huhuhu! Really I wanted to be mabait na sana...pero di ko ma-take ang ibang tao. Why oh why. Pinalitan nga niya kaso not to campare yung nilagay niyang puro mala-pirated. Kainis to the max. Ang pobreng boss niya hindi makatingin sa akin.

Monday, July 27, 2009

A great loss....

Anyway, he has left us a legacy that will always remain here with us...his music and the great talent in dancing he has shared with us. I always believe in his prowess as a total entertainer ever has lived, no matter what they have been saying about him being an oddball or eccentric person. Every people naman yata I guess have their skeleton in their own closet. We're just speaking of enormous God-given talent here. And so...may he really have found peace now that he was ever longing when he was still alive.

Am sure he will always be remembered..through his music.

PS/ Opo late reaction na toh, since I am a fanatic of MJ ...I was so sadden na I couldn't blog about how I felt when he died. Since that time we still hadn't any access of the internet. I was sidelined to do whatever there has to be undertaken... and so that was the reason of this late reaction of mine. Better late than never.

Love still nil...but no big deal!

It is contemptible to bring together recently separated or divorced persons with your other single friends, solely for the purpose of "fixing them up" with someone...more so give them words of encouragement with a little overtures on the side.

Things like this happened...and one even asked..."are you happy?" and I curtly said, Yes I am. He asked back, "are you sure you're happy?" ...of course I am! Period! And honestly this isn't a sweet lemony answer. For those like me who's in a bleep bleep situation, be wary of scheming sexual overtures from wily men. You might think one is trying to be a friend but the truth is...he's a wolf in a sheepskin.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

The true meaning of love...

For Helen Keller...Love is something like clouds that were in the sky before the sun came simpler words she explained: "You can't touch the clouds, you know; but you feel the rain and know how glad the flowers and the thirsty earth are to have it after a hot day. You cannot touch love either
; but you feel the sweetness that it pours into everything. Without love you would not be happy.

Friday, July 24, 2009

A case of carpal tunnel syndrome

"Doing the same hand movements over and over can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome. It's most common in people whose jobs require pinching or gripping with the wrist held bent. People at risk include people who use computers, carpenters, grocery checkers, assembly-line workers, meat packers, musicians and mechanics. Hobbies such as gardening, needlework, golfing and canoeing can sometimes bring on the symptoms"

Source: Wikipedia

**Please do be well...hugs**

Care for coffee?

Earlier this morning, as I was running to and fro...and driving for my grown up kids to the main gate of the subdivision we're right now have moved amiable new neighbor asked me then if I wanted a fresh cup of coffee, I politely declined and said I was to make a fresh boil water myself for my late coffee time. I just worked the whole day since we just moved in late last night. I took time to relax and read some...when I saw this Java trivia.

"In Arabic lands there is a strict etiquette about drinking coffee. Refusing an offer for coffee is an absolute insult; furthermore, not serving coffee to a visitor is very rude."

Thursday, July 16, 2009

The King of icon...and a legend

I grew up with his songs...and at his young age when he was just starting via I'm Going Back To Indiana everyone seemed to like his performance with his tantrums as a young boy at 5 I think. He was so cute then...while his older brother giving him cue to sing. When I've learned of his sudden death, I wish it wasn't true. Really some tears welled in my eyes...he's an idol, and no one can even replicate his great voice and his dancing prowess.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Words to ponder...

You can't tell which way the train went by looking at the tracks.