Monday, January 31, 2011

Sudden cravings...

Sometimes we tend to be eccentric. Even in food cravings. We all know that living out of your own country is just a bit hard trying to make all the necessary adjustments. Like acclimating the weather, knowing people around you and trying to make friends but sometimes language is one great hindrance to do it the best of how you try it. And to make it short even in food, you'll get to choose food closest to what your taste buds wanted. Here like in Japan, their choices of food are very different from what we do have back home. Ours are plain and simple compared to what they have here. Let's not compare the plating or how they landscape their presentation, you'll drop your jaws. We have very simple food but sad to say if we count the calories and study the nutritional values we fail completely. We tend to overlook that some delicious dish we have like crispy pata, la uya and so on have high risks of giving you possible hypertensnion due to fats. I admire how Japanese prepare their foods. Presentation is awesome. nutritional value is at its height. They love to eat vegestables. Fruits are always present on the table. They value eating more seafoods in raw and chicken rather than eating red meat. Sadly, we cannot compare ours, we do know that Japan is a rich country so people here can buy everything they want, unlike ours where most of the people cannot afford the luxury to buy what is best and what is ideally healthy.

I am almost always dumbfounded looking at the way they present their food but sometimes I do miss home so much. Like the day when I exclaimed out loud that I wanted to eat dish I always prepare for my kids back home. My daughter then suddenly craved and decided a plan to look for a possible Pinoy store that caters on Pinoy products, meat and produce. She got the address from a friend then after her work we went to the location. It was a bit late at night when we recon the place hoping that it was still open. After a lot of tries locating it, finally we have found it. Too bad it was already closed. Brokenhearted we went home. It was way too far from where we stay. Took some 66 kilo meters to and fro. But my daughter and me couldn't help but salivate so we took time that Sunday just to go back to that store. Then voila...good to see some pinoys there talking our language...saying hi and hellos. We dug up the freezer right off and saw everything. We have everything we need to make batchoy, kare-kare and pancit palabok. And what makes me even happier was that I saw a bag of ground corn. A prospect for esa...for my birdfeeding.

All smile we went home after we got some ingredients at Jusco grocery for our graham cake. It's too hard to find graham here. And too lucky I have found an equally delicious misan pan they call it...meaning steam bread. It is as good as our putong fave, of course mas masarap pa in fairness. I plan to bring home some to Pinas.  It went well with my batchoy yesterday. Awesomely delicious. Rapsa.

Japanese version of my fave puto

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