Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Yokatta...!!! ;D

Was so glad and thankful for my safety arrival. Am so late for my blogging 'coz I have so many things to do after my arrival. But now I do miss my crib so much. Well, am a person who have mastered veering away negative emotional feelings to something positive and more productive instead. As a mother, that I'd always away from them is an ordeal. But like I always say...I dwell on what is good and best and leave away what will only ruin the day. Ever since I got in here, my hands are full anyway. There's a lot to do I guess. Going to every where is a delightful chance and I just enjoy everything. The food, the sceneries and even the freezing weather that I wasn't accustomed to. Am just enjoying everything here. Japan is a great country and believe me the mixture of old culture and the new wave here is just so endearing. I didn't ever think that at my age I'd be able to enjoy the wonders of TOKYO DISNEYLAND. Yup been there the first time and it's but natural that I felt like a young girl when I saw lots of Disney characters roaming around just like anybody. They're so cute and lovable. Am not a fanatic 'coz it wasn't my era. Had seen and heard how one screamed at Mickey at the parade. We were all sitting and courteously waiting for the parade. I was seated on wheels because I couldn't stand the laborous walking to and god, the place is just so big and I just couldn't roam every side without gasping my breath. Much more like me who has a back problem like me. At first I kinda nixed the idea of using the wheelchair when I saw it. But then I knew I couldn't keep up so, there's no NO. Shucks! I enjoyed the first priority privileges I got anyway. It's really an experience. We on wheels should go first. Hahaha! I did enjoy the Captain EO of my favorite idol. The Michael Jackson starrer. Whoah! As if I saw MJ right in front of my ver eyes. The 3D feature did the magic.
Japan's famous bullet train that took us to Tokyo ;D

It is just a rare experience to invade the famous Walt Disney's DISNEYLAND! ;D

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