Sunday, November 28, 2010

LOTTO JACKPOT: Still soaring up high!

Everybody is eyeing to hit the now skyrocketing lotto jackpot. Taking their chances...who knows, lucky streak might hit us. And include me to the long queue of lotto bettor in every PCSO booth branches anywhere. The soaring jackpot really is the talk of the town. Mouth watering ika nga. Whoever is so heavenly lucky on earth to hit it will be the most envied of all. Heard, even the now double-richie Pacquiao is also on the betting mood to join the many wishers. No one is prohibited naman ata to bet except for some PCSO members I think, but correct me if am wrong here. But PCSO rule is so Greek to me kaya am not sure if employees can or they are forbidden to join the lotto bettor.Who knows.
More than half a billion...wheew...tila mahihirapan na ang winner niyan na magbilang. If luck strikes and I did get the jackpot, wow, kaloka kung anong gagawin ko sa pera. And they say “Almost P10 million ang nadagdag in just two hours" the battle to bet is on. Everu body must be dreaning to win the treasure. Who will be the real Pepito Manaloto? Me, you, or anyone of us?! This is one in a million chance streak I think. The ever gasgas ng linyang, I'I help the poor. I'll donate...and so blah blah. But still yun pa rin ang maiisip ko if and when I did hit that crossing my fingers din naman...and who doesn't anyway?!

Calling calling...streak of luck...!

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