Monday, November 1, 2010

Souping it up!

After I started blogging some 3 years ago, the most frequent question I hear is; Where do you get your ideas? I don't exactly know how to answer it but being inspired gives me so much urge and spunk to write whatever flows in my mind. I just can't help myself but put every ideas into words. And I feel richly blest to have it all aflow. Most of the events on this blog are real and actually took place in my own childhood and vignettes of my life as I grow older. My understanding about how life goes on, how I battle struggles  each day of my life, how to triumph each blows while getting bruised and or share laughter on the other side. Some pains and angst that I feel can only be told only by now wherein I mostly use a filigree-like to hide off some facts that might be of jeopardy in effect.I refresh some of my old memories to acknowledge few of my old childhood friends, favorites and what I liked most doing during my younger years. The fact that it is utterly sad  that I've lost some of them through marriage changing their last names and some migrated perhaps, I must say that it is truly disheartening. I just write when I feel happy and the same way when I feel sad, disappointed or upset. It's just that easy as it goes.

But sadly I'm experiencing this writer's block streak...I cannot fathom why my head is so empty that I cannot grasp anything. I feel so useless and retard. For almost a month already I haven't updated my blog in the way I used to every morning. I got nothing to write and I kinda feel piqued about myself being so useless and unproductive. And  that's  not the usual me. Every time that I would get some unending notifications about my co-blogger or stringer, I felt really really bad. This post is so pilit because at this point  I'm just trying hard to break this streak we call writer's block.

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