Friday, November 19, 2010

A blant about overwhelming sense of guilt

Honesty is such a lonely word, everyone is so untrue...

This is one of the most important qualities that most people seem to be missing these days. Me too but not to a great extent. I do lie also for some reason. Let me share this to you:

Last Monday I went to submit my papers to a traveling agency. It just took me a short while so I decided to make a nod for a free lunch invitation of my best friend who's one of the ninangs of my eldest daughter. We were classmates in high school and so to cut it short we've been friends for over 30 long years. So I can truly say that we are the best of friends...we are, seasoned with kindness, love and trust though we hardly see each other since I am a busybody being a mom. When we arrived,we were ushered inside by my best friend and led us to the dining table where lunch was waiting. After eating and some brief chitchats, I said we're going. But I did abruptly buy time when she showed me some items for sale. I put down my bag and my cellphone on the empty chair right beside me. There were bed sheets, curtains and this tall candle holder that made me twitched a little for I find it eerie. It looked like something used to guard coffin during the wake. Or to make it less than eerie , we see them in the altar. For me it doesn't fit to be placed inside the house. But what's wrong with me is that I always can't say no even if those items didn't suit my fancy. It ended there. Much to my dismay...I was forced to take those stuff against my freewill just for the sake of friendship. Now moving on, another bidding of thank yous and goodbyes...I took my bag and went on. If only my poor cellphone could talk. I never noticed that I left my poor cellphone only when inside the car I wanted to say thanks for that free lunch via sms. My phone was nowhere to be found and I recalled right away that I left it in haste to where I was next seated. We reached Arlington Tramo when I decided to go back at my bff's house. She wasn't there yet so I heaved a heavy sigh knowing it could slim the chance. She was fetched by his older brother, then was flushed why I went back. Then searching she went. None. In my mind, how could you find it there? I just let my friend do the searching while me observing everything. Inside the house when we arrived and until the time we went out there were only one couple with three children not older than 5yo. Her bother who was at the terrace upstairs when I arrived earlier, so that makes 3 adults [plus one adult] and 3 young kids. The older kid who stayed at the sala most of the time was so eloquent and smart. My friend asked her..."beh, nakita mo cellphone ni tita noks dito naiwan?" Then the kid says..."oo...selpon nya? kay mama... dun" [dun - pointing at her mother's room, their room] 

To cut it short...that was it! It ended there. I was looking for an answer, hoping that I could still recover it if they would be given a chance to talk privately to catechize. At first I was able to  take  everything in stride just for the sake of our long years of friendly relationship. But later at midnight all has sinked in...I decided to make a deal. I forced them to return it back or they buy me a new one since I just got it 2 months ago from Smart via postpaid plan. I went to Smart office to report the incident and requested it be blocked.The saddest part is ...I still have to pay  the plan for twenty one months left as it is my obligation. I am jobless. I only rely on my daughter's remit. That makes me more furious. Namumuhay ako ng maayos eto naman ang mga walanghiya na walang magawa sa buhay. That's shitty!

From  the way I look at it...the chance is so futile. Now the question I too mean if I tend to be so stern? Am I too hard for not considering the friendship before I went ballistic? Am I to be blame for I intend to shut her off completely if nothing positive comes out of this? Am I guilty of anything? Some things do really  happen. Like when I left my phone, you may say am forgetful or whatever you may call this. But am tackling honesty here. Somebody found it am sure and ganked it purposely and intentionally. And the irony was that I left it at my best friend's house where I must find comfort and assurance of nothing ill will  will ever happen. Am I too bad for cursing as to where it did happen? My point here is, I am not a stranger there...they knew me for so long. But how could one there just hide it when in fact they knew that I will come back to get it since it's a new qwerty phone unscratched and so perfectly awesome to the eyes of snatchers. Are they? They didn't even think of the consequences to follow. Now everyone there will be a suspect, the three adults there [plus one more]. Not to include the three young kids of course. And what the kid said is so vital. We don't need to investigate here. No police. It's as easy as a pie. Nawalan ako sa bahay nila so palitan na lang. Sana nga na-snatched na lang eh...makakatulog pa ako. But it's different...the culprit is in the house! I just over estimated that they are bunch of good people...I  guess it's otherwise. Okey the ball is in your court. Prove that you are good people...

I prefer not to set my foot on that house again...never ever after this incident. I'd rather sleep in the comfort of my home...yes  home...where I am safe.

Now maybe my friend is crying because I'm kinda hard or stern ...but nothing will be earned if she'll just cry and sulk in her corner. I just want to teach them a lesson...but if they are insisting that they knew nothing about it be it then!

Let everyone be warned of what is karma.

'The Three-fold Law','The Law of Three' or 'The Law of Return

PS/ I am sorry everyone for this is not me... ;-[

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  1. Yes. some people are .. i can't say anything because for one, paying 2k a month for 21 more months can't be compensated by advices and consolation. but what i do hope is that WE all learn lessons from it. I learned. I know you learned. And I strongly pray that you are going to be the last victim of this inhumane act.


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