Saturday, November 19, 2011

"Hell is empty and all the devils are here!"

Much as I don't want to write something of heinous theme, I couldn't just ignore the chance to convey how I felt that day.  My son had convinced me to try watching the said video even if I begged off  knowing the intensity of the crime committed captured via raw video footage, I think they have had used an ordinary cellphone. It was all about some late 20's and early 30's men in their camouflage suits, (I wonder where they have gotten those soldiers' attire). These men were laughing and talking as if they were in a merriment and some even were chanting but I couldn't fathom any of the words used since they were using their own dialect. At first three men were shoved on the ground flat on their stomach and the hands were then tied by a rope. While tying, he even put his left muck boots against the face of each of them, to prevent them from any extra movement. Then the next scene...they were hauled in different directions and beheaded one by one. The scene was so gruesome that I did regret watching it. Seeing a man carrying heads of humans, much so of his own countrymen...was  just so sickening to watch.

I couldn't help but whispered some soft prayers for them and wondered how they felt seeing their untimely inhumane death from the hands of these people. It looked like they were in ecstasy doing such abominable act. What's the role of our government here...can't they do something against this matter? Would it be harder to put this to end? Harder than zeroing on Bin Laden? US Military groups has triumphantly got Bin Laden dead before he landed his face on the he's just a part of history.

PS/ I purposely didn't attached the said choice...period!

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