Monday, January 31, 2011

Sudden cravings...

Sometimes we tend to be eccentric. Even in food cravings. We all know that living out of your own country is just a bit hard trying to make all the necessary adjustments. Like acclimating the weather, knowing people around you and trying to make friends but sometimes language is one great hindrance to do it the best of how you try it. And to make it short even in food, you'll get to choose food closest to what your taste buds wanted. Here like in Japan, their choices of food are very different from what we do have back home. Ours are plain and simple compared to what they have here. Let's not compare the plating or how they landscape their presentation, you'll drop your jaws. We have very simple food but sad to say if we count the calories and study the nutritional values we fail completely. We tend to overlook that some delicious dish we have like crispy pata, la uya and so on have high risks of giving you possible hypertensnion due to fats. I admire how Japanese prepare their foods. Presentation is awesome. nutritional value is at its height. They love to eat vegestables. Fruits are always present on the table. They value eating more seafoods in raw and chicken rather than eating red meat. Sadly, we cannot compare ours, we do know that Japan is a rich country so people here can buy everything they want, unlike ours where most of the people cannot afford the luxury to buy what is best and what is ideally healthy.

I am almost always dumbfounded looking at the way they present their food but sometimes I do miss home so much. Like the day when I exclaimed out loud that I wanted to eat dish I always prepare for my kids back home. My daughter then suddenly craved and decided a plan to look for a possible Pinoy store that caters on Pinoy products, meat and produce. She got the address from a friend then after her work we went to the location. It was a bit late at night when we recon the place hoping that it was still open. After a lot of tries locating it, finally we have found it. Too bad it was already closed. Brokenhearted we went home. It was way too far from where we stay. Took some 66 kilo meters to and fro. But my daughter and me couldn't help but salivate so we took time that Sunday just to go back to that store. Then voila...good to see some pinoys there talking our language...saying hi and hellos. We dug up the freezer right off and saw everything. We have everything we need to make batchoy, kare-kare and pancit palabok. And what makes me even happier was that I saw a bag of ground corn. A prospect for esa...for my birdfeeding.

All smile we went home after we got some ingredients at Jusco grocery for our graham cake. It's too hard to find graham here. And too lucky I have found an equally delicious misan pan they call it...meaning steam bread. It is as good as our putong fave, of course mas masarap pa in fairness. I plan to bring home some to Pinas.  It went well with my batchoy yesterday. Awesomely delicious. Rapsa.

Japanese version of my fave puto

Preventing winter static...

Wow...breaking off the lag, my writer's block. I am happy to be back in blogging ; )

Winter is synonymous to cold. And what do we have here? Heehah...tingling static problems! I always get this inevitable static shock. Touching the door knob, and car door too. Whoah, it always sends me into a sudden jerk.
my black anti-static wristband

Much as I don't mean to cover myself from head to foot, whoah...can't help it 'coz it's frigging cold out here. Before getting up awhile ago, was groping in the dark, (still now) because I didn't want to offend much so irritate Aya lest she get startled from the glares of the lights from turning it on and off. Going back, inside my thick wool cover, because it's still dark, I heard some soft spark sounds and from the tips of my fingers I saw some nice sparks. That's cute. My fingers are creating sparks from static discharges. The reason why I become interested to post about the subject because this stuff is Adam to me. We don't experience this...(can we call this phenomenon?) back home in Pinas.

I just do wonder how it would be if some inventions to prevent this didn't happen. How it would be like in the gas station? Am sure it can create fires and explosions where flammable agents such as gasoline vapour occurs. Imagine in coffee shops where if one may happen to have this sudden jerk from static while handling a fresh brewed coffee to a customer? Get what I mean? So kudos to those experts and specialist on giving those very important advice on this matter.

One of the many products to help eliminate this shock is, and I bought one for anti-static wristband.

I have no knowledge and authority to explain farther, except that I experience these tingling pain a lot more times already so here are some I copy pasted to help you know some of the matter.

static shock


Our expert in static electricity in the electronics industry suggests trying the following to get rid of static electricity problems in your home or office:
1) Increase the humidity in your house and workplace. Air is much drier in the winter, which increases the frequency and severity of shocks. Use a humidifier.
2) Change clothes - switch to natural fibers, since synthetics pick up more of a static charge.
3) Change shoes - there are special conductive shoes in a variety of styles. They are made for people working in the electronics industry. You will need to find a store or catalogue that sells or can order them for you. (Search online for "esd shoes")
4) If your skin is very dry - try an anti-static hand lotion (also available for the electronics industry.) 

Read more...using the link.

Source: Wikipedia

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Winter care...

Whoah, I hate myself for being a slug. I'm still having a lag and always staying behind what I want to do and love...blogging. I have a lot to share but this writer's block is still enjoying the welcome mat. But it's understandable because I am on my vacation here in Japan to enjoy so am taking full advantage of the time am sharing with my daughter. In short my hands are quite full. We share a lot of time bonding during weekends and one of which I so love doing is the bird feeding. A few hours drive and the rest of the days she's perfectly busy due to the kind of work she's into. The work needs full attention because of the rigid policy of the company applied to a T. To work here in Japan carries the metaphoric trabahong kalabaw...that earns employee no reason to slack. If one is catched lazying during working hours then he'll take home all the flak for sure and have no reason to come back again. They can't afford to so they say pay mopes around there. Real hard work is implemented to the fullest or you may go home if not, because they nix sllugards.  But because the pay is a bit higher, so okey lang (understatement)...dahil lahat ng pawis mo bayad ika might as well earn your dough the hard way.
Sugoiiii! Me in the pict with flight of doves and screech of gulls one early morning for our bird feeding.

Now going back, one of the things I do enjoy here in Japan is bird feeding. Am missing it already since two weeks we haven't been able make it to the park near umi (sea). One may call it a hobby, but to me it's more than something. It's very rewarding. You'll hear the melodious avian choir while they hunt for their esa (bird feed). Watching them coming in front of me in flocks is a delightful sight. So much as birdwatching, to feed them gives a real high. Birds migrate during winter cold so they come in flocks. You can see them near the beaches hunting for minnows or small sea insects for food. Encountering them in close view is something I never wish could happen. It's one thing I truly enjoy doing. Ask James Fisher. Come February is National Bird-Feeding (US-1994) month, and there's no harm if I do celebrate it to coincide the birthday of my daughter on the 2nd day of that month.

Its quite confusing to me how to distinguish crow from raven, hawk from eagle or from falcon, dove from gulls. As an ordinary observer it's hard for me to tell the narrow disparity even in close viewing. I'm no authority that's why I did some research. But at least I do know when I hear their call caaah...caaaah...caaah, that it's from raven apart from they have this shiny iridescent black feathers, everything is black including their talons and beak, so the reason maybe why many would like to believe that they give unlucky sign and omen. Books say that they are with a symbol of fidelity, that if and when their mate  dies, they're not to find another mate. How's that?!  While the crows show a great deal among avian intelligence as what authorities have to say. Remember the Aesop's fable The Crow and the Pitcher. And they are known for flying in solitude to hunt.
And going to the birds of prey, I've seen also cast of hawk-eagles flying in swift targetting the food I have dropped in front of me. Once they swoop at it, gulls scampered to fly for safety. Pitying of pigeons are nowhere near when hawks are somersaulting for esa. They are big enough to intimidate other birds. They perch on top of large and tall trees as if to act as sentinel guarding the horizon. They do not stay on the ground unlike smaller groups.
Cormorants frequent the seashore to dive into the deep to get minnows or any prospects for their food.
real close encounter...

I will always marvel at the spectacular sight I see while feeding them, that's why I grab every oppotunity I get in my hands. Always looking forward to find time going to umi and saving food treats for them. This is one experience I will never forget...will always treasure and never will grow tired doing again and again.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We are advised to wear masks here due to impending spread of influenza, am not sure yet if it is possible and safe to birdfeed since we all know that birds could be a courier. It is a sad note that I have to wait first when it is safe. While waiting am saving some feeds (esa) and my home-made suet.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Religious Myspace Comments

Prayers for my brother-in-law on his final sleep...Rest in peace and stay forever in the arms of our great Creator.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

My Disney invasion...

To Disney...
Exhausted from a long trip!
This is it!
Mickey's passport
That famous castle!
so privileged to be in the front area being on wheels!
first priority ;D

goofing with Pluto;D

enjoy ;D
collecting keychains ;D
Disney's greatest attraction... ;D

dancing & parading

was asking for a ride but instead they gave me this...! ;(

Waiting for Shinkansen ride...
Happy Birthday to my dearest son, Jan Ronoel...wishing you all the best to come. We love you so so much!!!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Controversial Foie' Gras

Foie Gras is  a pate made from goose liver which is very expensive that makes it a luxurious food on the table or  can be duck liver also which is slightly cheaper. This famous delicacy in French cuisine is usually marinated in Cognac and truffles. Sold in whole usually, or prepared into mousse, parfait or as a side dish for steaks.

Formerly known as the "Strasbourg Pie" because that city being a major producer of this product. The fattening of the liver is achieved through forced feeding of nutritional food like corn and the procedure  called gavage. This processed is now very rare since there is a law that prohibits force feeding on animals.

 Am sure some groups like PETA won't buy the idea of even suggesting this dish...

Source: Wikipedia

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Just like Ondoy...

Queensland is not an exception to nature's wrath what we Pinoys have had during Ondoy's surge. This calamitous flood is really one that we all cannot control. Not to mention some, unruly locals like in our country where garbage is not properly disposed of and sometimes erratically collected in some areas due to some unnecessary reasons like lack of budget, lack of transpo-truck...dumpsite problem and so on...blah blah blah.

But in Queensland we do not know the reason why except it's something of nature, so all we have to do is offer some little prayers for those who are hit by this surging flash flood. Some government initially went their way and call on their locals to offer something to help. And this something for sure will be a big help...

Let's hope things will get better...

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

@Toyokawa Inari Shrine...

Visiting one of Japan's famous shrines...(there are about 32,000 I have read) that is INARI SHRINE (near Toyohashi)

No cars but still I can't go yet...abunai!

I enjoy eating Japan's chestnuts...sugoi! ;D

Getting a stick...with a number, then it says something for my future daw... ;D

Whoever touches the hand of this buddha(?) statue daw will get rich...ikaga desu ka... ;D

It will be a lucky year daw for says ;D

Inari Shrine

For every shrine pala there must be someone standing the entrance.

Yay for me! There's still some trees left here having these autumn leaves waiting for me... ;D

Baby fox with red bib... ;D

For every shrine there's this lighting of 3 incense candles...they believe that smoke coming from the stick has some healing effect, and so the picture tells what... **crossed-fingers**
Note: One must not blow the stick. Abunai...they say

Those little white flags are from those who are believers of the shrine. They did hang their names here wishing that good luck will be achieved specially for those who are businessmen, entrepreneurs, managers, merchants and the likes.

Yokatta...!!! ;D

Was so glad and thankful for my safety arrival. Am so late for my blogging 'coz I have so many things to do after my arrival. But now I do miss my crib so much. Well, am a person who have mastered veering away negative emotional feelings to something positive and more productive instead. As a mother, that I'd always away from them is an ordeal. But like I always say...I dwell on what is good and best and leave away what will only ruin the day. Ever since I got in here, my hands are full anyway. There's a lot to do I guess. Going to every where is a delightful chance and I just enjoy everything. The food, the sceneries and even the freezing weather that I wasn't accustomed to. Am just enjoying everything here. Japan is a great country and believe me the mixture of old culture and the new wave here is just so endearing. I didn't ever think that at my age I'd be able to enjoy the wonders of TOKYO DISNEYLAND. Yup been there the first time and it's but natural that I felt like a young girl when I saw lots of Disney characters roaming around just like anybody. They're so cute and lovable. Am not a fanatic 'coz it wasn't my era. Had seen and heard how one screamed at Mickey at the parade. We were all sitting and courteously waiting for the parade. I was seated on wheels because I couldn't stand the laborous walking to and god, the place is just so big and I just couldn't roam every side without gasping my breath. Much more like me who has a back problem like me. At first I kinda nixed the idea of using the wheelchair when I saw it. But then I knew I couldn't keep up so, there's no NO. Shucks! I enjoyed the first priority privileges I got anyway. It's really an experience. We on wheels should go first. Hahaha! I did enjoy the Captain EO of my favorite idol. The Michael Jackson starrer. Whoah! As if I saw MJ right in front of my ver eyes. The 3D feature did the magic.
Japan's famous bullet train that took us to Tokyo ;D

It is just a rare experience to invade the famous Walt Disney's DISNEYLAND! ;D