Sunday, September 5, 2010

Setting standards...and sticking to them

Setting standard is one thing....and sticking to them is another thing also. We all do have our individual beliefs on how to live our lives. What is moral to others may not apply to some. And I thought that with conviction,  plus the good moral principle on your person is more than enough to keep us out of trouble and stand against temptation. Somehow, I do believe we are all put to test. And if you're too weak to resist it, you'll bite the bait! Then sporadically we struggle to put our convictions back in order and want to start all over again. Everything is not that easy though...if the efforts were not that firm and serious, then pangs of guilt strike us back and the urge-to-be-clean-again syndrome is again at your doorstep. The love-conquers-all attack and the I-miss-you-so-much thing also stand in the way and there goes shilly-shallying again.

Looking back, what we always regret is how we  hurt people we love most. If this lapse only stew ourselves  in our own juice then it would be better to think twice before we do something. Saying  IF ONLY & SORRY later on should not be an option. Think twice before taking an action, lest we be sorry again...and that's a pity.