Monday, September 6, 2010


A new design and implementation strategies that allow plants to grow on the exterior or interior of buildings, roof tops or houses. Having enormous potentials to improve the health and the well-being of people by filtering air pollution, reducing energy use, cutting greenhouse gases and providing higher quality outdoor environments in our hotter and hotter urban spaces source. Green-roofs started mainly in North America and Europe.
Source: Green Roofs For Healthy Cities/Wikipedia
8/31/07 Date Posted  7:08 AM

I decided to re-post this very important topic now that our air is a lot polluted now since I first posted this topic. People I believe is the one responsible for making our air unclean that makes it downright a bit threatening to the health not only human being but also everything that lives one  earth, That's why some environmentalist who  still care to protect our failing condition still try their best to discover some new and helpful techniques that will aid and enhance the betterment of our planet earth. One outstanding find is this green roof. I don't know if anyone in our country has already adopt this helpful and healthy green roof style.  Will find out if there is already. And if I were just like anyone who  is moneyed I surely will gonna have a house like this.

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