Thursday, January 26, 2012

Keeping up with my children...

 It takes patience to appreciate domestic bliss; volatile spirits prefer unhappiness. (GS)

As a mother I cannot ask for more because I can tell the whole world that on that aspect of my life at least I say I am truly and favorably happy...honestly mine isn't perfect of course, though it appears that we are in accord...and we jibe, there are times we have our own share of some discord. But becoz I want us to breathe the same rhyme, as a mother I have to be always in check with the agreement at home sharing  their passion, their fad, their craze enthusiastically so as to strike a good tune. If they love this kind of music I do try to involve myself more, if not I just try to be appreciative at first and in time I'd wake up humming it and then liking the song in the end. Being flexible and open to any kind of new beat is helpful and important. Like my youngest son who's into music, always try to get my opinion about something he likes most..."ma, pakinggan mo toh (just listen to this mom), I hope you'll like this one by Satriani"...and I'd ang ganda gusto ko yan (wow, nice and I like it). Then I'd ask him to play my favorite song. Then after a few days he'd be playing na the song I like most like last night I requested Hot Stuff by Donna Summer, ayun he played it na for me dexterously with gusto. And in return naman I listen with raft attention everytime he's playing his electric guitar. With that simple ways, we became closer than ever.

Sometimes we do have issues also but we don't make a big deal out of it and please...I hate lachrymal showdown they know that, feel like passing out when I hear verbal vollies, I hate that. I am not getting any younger so I want to make useful of the time in a positive tune and not to fret on small issues like if one doesn't seem like doing chores...I don't make it a fuss but instead I'd go...okey you can rest for awhile maybe you're too exhausted for the day in school. Just like that. I hate stifling arguments at home as much as how de-do situation. It just suffocates everything. And I hate that inside my fence. I want to enjoy and keep up with them and spunk up like they do. If I don't like something I'd tell them straight and go inside my room to avoid sizzling...and before I knew it the tension is gone.

For me now, why borrow trouble! Just do enjoy life, be productive and always be a blessing in your own home!

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