Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Taking heed...

We parents can only do the best we can, and let the chips fall where they may, if only to give them the best lesson to learn and just always hoping not the hard way as the old cliche goes. We would always tell them "been there done that" while the children stays complacent until such undesirable situation sets in dot dot dot. If only children will learn to take heed of their parents advices not much will go wrong.

me and aya 2011 Japan
The video of a young Pinoy female talent whose career is just on the full swing has pushed me to write this. Saw or watched her in her intimate moments with the guy actually a DJ who had fled the country after the hullabaloo blown everything out of proportion and then the abortion squeal and blah blah blah. The young lass' pours her heart out and her disappointment after the videos about the termination leaked via you tube, now comes the videos showing her in uncompromising moments were she kisses the guy so much on the lips while she's sitting on top of him...oops, not what you think, but they aren't naked huh...that's clear. Now comes the video interview of her regretting what she has done in her life ad the best part of it is her admission that she didn't follow her parents advices but instead did follow her heart whims. I wonder I didn't hear any denial about the termination but whichever is true...now she knows well and am sure she'll mark it for as long as she lives.

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