Sunday, April 18, 2010

Another source of joy!

We're so lucky to have been blessed with a new source of joy. This tot is really godsent, I must say. Aside from Mishah, who is now very jealous of my adopted son who is now giving us joy and laughters everyday. This tot is really very energetic and sobrang bibo. Maganang kumain and always asks for his milk bottle for his meme time. He likes Jollibee of course but only eat french fries and a little spaghetti. Yesterday I was amazed when he ate ampalaya with rice. But I do wonder why he doesn't like ice cream and bread.

Early morning yesterday we went to jog around near our place. We enjoyed watching him walking around with his tiny Adidas and kicking an improvised ball with electrical tape to keep the paper in ball shape. Ang ending we went home very tired while he felt otherwise. Like Baby James he is also fond of the Villar catchy campaign song, "hindi bawal mangarap ang mahirap..." putting pa his arms in the air and swaying them while humming the song. When he first came into our lives, we met a lot of problems regarding his health. His lungs, intestinal parasites among others which I found so disgusting because he's just a little less than a year. How could it happened? Muzzed up environment. Poor hygiene. He also looked malnourished with bloated tummy. The skin was untidy and full of scars still visible. I don't know if it's pock-marks. With all the physical examinations and laboratory test plus the near completed medications and vaccines, the doctor has declared he's super fine now.

With all the new happiness he's giving us, me and my children took it upon ourselves to give him a normal life...a family to call his own.

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