Monday, February 28, 2011

A note of thanks...

my puppylove ;D

genki desu!

My dear Lord, I will forever be grateful for answering my plea to give Mishah a new lease of life again.  Losing her four puppies which from the video itself sent to me via FB, I immediately felt that they weren't in the pink of health since I saw and had noticed one who's cyanotically pale. One died soon after the others.  But I was hoping against hope from the very off that they could still have a chance. But unluckily they did not...not even one did. And true enough, when her good vet told me that Mishah had whelped too soon before her due, he gave her unthrifty puppies a 70% chance to live. I accepted the fact that we had no little chance over the puppies. But what broke our hearts, specially me was when Mishah was so helpless and I couldn't be with her during that time when she needed me the most. Good thing  my children though so busy shared their time to be with Mishah, 24 hours round the clock then. I cried a lot...prayed a lot. All I have had during that time was my faith alone in You my dear Lord. And still as always, You didn't fail me on that that's why I will forever be thankful and grateful for giving her a new life. She's has recuperated from that ordeal and is back to her normal genki ways.

Lord I thank You for giving such joy again. You know how much I (we) love our little boy. Make him a blessing in the years to come.

And I thank You again for giving me such wealth...which is my life.


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