Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Does my fur-kid gonna be blind soon, too?

I remember these pack I saw at Italia Villaggo, when I was on my trip 3 years ago. I discreetly took the picture since I really love dogs. They attracted my attention mainly because they were all in a double perambulator covered with a nice sheet of wool to keep them warm. I thought it was a baby inside but when the owner opened the wool sheet covering them, my eyes went big in amazement. I love to hug each one of them but it's not proper since I wanted to give them their privacy. The obaasan-owner of this pack was with a professional photographer from the way it looked. There was this air of business transaction and on the sly...I was at the back so it gave me the opportunity to click my phone in the pretext that I was just texting, my bad. And so thus this photo...Gomenasai...gomenasai...

I was really really happy seeing someone who's so caring about her pets just like her. But what I did notice again were their bulgy...and protruding eyes. Gosh, my heart went heavy seeing those eyes with white thingy on their pupils. I knew it was a glucoma-case. It showed that they were all blind...I guessed.
Mishah now... ;(
Could it be glucoma? And that's very clear to us that glucoma is a serious eye case. So from then on I knew that time will come  that Mishah too might have this condition too. But not this soon. And here now. My son sent me again the sad pictures of my Mishah having this eye problem. Am not sure what happened. What's breaking my heart is that, I can't be with Mishah for now. I can't even hug her to take some pain away. She's so special in our family. We treat her like a family member. She's a princess in the house. And it's quite heart-breaking to see your kid in such condition where chances are...she'll go blind...and will be such a handicap.  I just pray she'll get by soon enough in spite of difficulties that lay ahead.

PS/ While writing this post, I received some replies from her good vet and he said it might be a case of corneal ulceration. I still don't know what happened but my first priority is to give Mishah the medicat treatment she needs now...asap.

I'm just so thankful that me and Mishah's vet is always in constant communication specially now that she needs a lot of care and attention.

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