Monday, March 14, 2011

Snippets...quotes and unquotes

  • At 6:30pm today authorities tried injecting more sea water to cool down the container vessel of reactor as to prevent the temp from boiling up. let say if it boils up and hydrogen released meets up with the oxygen outside it results to a far reactor # 4 is safe they say. 
    Possibility of exposing the fuel rods on vessel Reactor #2 is feared like what happened to #1 & #3...for a possible phenomena of meltingdown. Water injection was disrupted because oil was all consumed up so the water level has decreased.
    Roof are blown off the building due to a blast this the plant.
    Radiation has been detected so it means rods has been damaged but they're trying to contain the possible meltdown.
    ...melting starts on top gradually
    ...injecting inside the core and the container is ongoing's like heating an empty bathtub, so it's absolutely necessary to inject the necessary sea water to submerged the rods.
    ...two hours that the core is like empty, so it has to be injected to maintain the water level.
    ...Reactor #1,#2, #3 facing all problem on cooling system thus the injection.

    Rolling black out is announced...
    Batteries and flashlights are short of supplies now...because of the demands due to power cuts preparedness. 
    What is most needed is the supplies for the water and food. People flee to a higher ground and felt very miserable about seeing how tsunami swept their houses like a toy! 
    Works of rescuers are being hampered by some wail of sirens to announce aftershocks.
    A man carrying a photo of his wife uses her bike to look for her. Pure love indeed!
    A newly married woman is crying a river after losing her husband of three hours. They have just been married 3 hours before the great deluge separated them. No honeymoon yet and that was real sad. Only three hours of being married and then ...
    Cup matches scheduled are postponed due to Yokohama dome partly damaged by the strong earthquake.
    About 1000 bodies are found today.
    Are there still any survivors amongst the debris? 

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