Sunday, March 27, 2011

Having a whale of a time!

Got the chance again to while away the time. Went to see the vast mountainland growing Japanese apricot. I have no words but to say it's splendid. All in blooms.


A long drive to a mountain where Japanese apricot (prunus mume) are all abloom!
A splendid place!
Putting lipstick (after eating glutinous rice on stick) while catching my breathe after a long trek!
no word's enough to praise...
the Japanese apricot...

And after that, we drove again another few hours to where one of the shrine is located, on the edge of the mountain.
360 year old 
A big nest...on top
The Shrine in the middle of that huge stony mountain
(with the arrow mark)!
The Shrine....
bff  ;D
this' the old Hoaraiji temple up above the newly built one...the place is not suitable to influx of believers due to extreme steep location and impassably precipitous mountain trails...thus a new one was built...

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