Friday, March 11, 2011

In CRISIS mode...

March 11, 2011
Sendai and other parts of northeastern Japan specifically those located near the sea are enormously battered by a huge surge of water due to tsunami, triggered by a massive M8.8 earthquake (on a Ritcher scale) earlier today. I remember the days when we were hit by Ondoy and what happened to Phuket Thailand in 2005. Almost the same but this is rather something more upscale and horrible. Some raw videos recorded by locals and some by newsmen are so heart-breaking...seeing Sendai airport engulfed by high waves of sea water. We are awfully stunned by how the powerful waves swallowed and roared through houses, buildings, with toy-like cars, trucks and enormous garbage-like floating the huge current.

Suddenly my FB is burning with messages wanting to know how we are now.  It is taking too much of my time answering their queries about our situation here, WE'RE SAFE. THANK GOD!

Map of Japan

Japan battered ...view from above

March 12, 2011
We drove all the way to eki and from there we took a densha going to Nagoya. We went to buy books and a 220V yakiniku plate. Good thing I brought my passport with me, (it's a must because I am a visiting tourist here) for Duty Free freebie, the plate is tax free. Going back, while I was at the seibunkan
(bookstore) still my mood was kind of downspirited, for the reason is so obvious. Usually bookstore's one of my fave hang out where I spent so many hours searching for my fave authors and good reads. But that moment I felt otherwise. There was no spark in my eyes, though I got four. I think I need to read.

But most of all...I need to pray more, we need to pray not just for Japan, but for the whole world indeed. Really my heart goes to the victims who are wounded not only physically but also spiritually, and specially those who have perished. As of now, officially the casualties according to Japan news,  swoop up to a thousand. And a lot is still missing.

While traveling to Nagoya, I was a bit paranoic due to that earthquake and tsunami. Everytime I would here the rustling sounds of the rails underneath I'd immediately look at those electrical posts outside to check if they were moving or swaying. Wheeew! Or whenever we're driving near the ocean I'd check if the seawater's calm. Wheeew again! Who wouldn't feel the same way? It's a M8.8!  It's nightmarish!

After strong earthquake and a massive tsunami...another predicament's sprouting, about the possible nuclear leak. Could there'll be another Chernobyl Disaster  or a Three Mile Island Accident?

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