Wednesday, March 16, 2011

It's always something!

Had my late breakfast: fried egg, pan de americano with butter...and coffee 2 headache pills. 

***weather has plunged to a very low level to affected Minami, about 0 degrees so snow is falling, cold weather poses a great risk to health for the evacuees...

***chilly air is up again here which is very unusual 'coz spring will be coming at the end of this month.  

***around 8:30am smokes billowing at the facility specifically Reactor #3  early this morning was observed and investigation again is underway...radiation around the main gate reading sharply increase to 800microSv as of 10:30am today. 

***They are considering to spray water with boric acids from above to hamper nuclear reaction.

***there is a tear from Reactor #2 vessel yesterday...

***operation on site has been hampered due to high readings of radiation, so workers are moved to a safer location.

***flames at reactor #4 is on fire still as of yesterday...walls are already broken, since water has gone to a severe level that caused hydrogen to generate and rods started to melt. Making 3 & 4 reactor now badly damage and no walls to hold the leak.

***announcements about radiation reading make me all the more dizzy each day since am keeping eye and ear on the reports all day long via NHK flactutes every hour...and with 4 reators at's synonymous to 4 active Pinatubo spewing ashes of wraths...considering there's still #5 and #6...wheeeew!

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