Thursday, March 17, 2011

Grateful beyond words...

Mou ichido itte kudasai!!!

Yes, I'll be forever grateful for being safe and kept unharm during the great turmoils that happened so fast that took a lot of lives in just a flick.

Our hearts feel for all those who are still shivering down there at the shelter areas. Specially now that many died after being evacuated and many still struggling to survive. The temperature last night was so chilly even in our location. I worry with how the situation there are worsen due to dropping of temperature down to zero degree. Snow is falling and cold is lingering that make a lot more uneasy and so hard for all those who are living in the stricken areas. The shelter needs a lot of everything now with this winter-like weather. Hooked on NHK WORLD almost everyday, I see how things are going on and it sadden me all the more. Japan really is in a multi-layered dilemma that seems to endlessly battering them. Too chaotic indeed! GANBATTE NIHON!

So destressing...but as they say and please understand that, life must go on. So to release our stress, we decided to dine out and so we made a reservation to a sushiro restaurant where fresh sushis are offered. To avoid the long queue we made an earlier reservation. Went there at 8pm and we saw throngs of Japanese families patiently waiting for their cues. We were ushered immediately to our designated table at once right after it was emptied. A long and narrow food conveyor is running slowly to a perfect view, where we can just grab each little plates we desire. Sushis with raw squid, fish roes, half cooked thin slices of beef, shrimps, sea anemone, and whatever it maybe.  Two plates available, in color white says it's of no wasabe. The yellow one has wasabe so you can choose what best suits your palate. After that sumptuous dinner, wheew... I was guilt-stricken knowing the others still suffer. @^@

With God's endless graces...I sure hope and pray that whole of Japan will get back soon on their feet!

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