Thursday, March 3, 2011

Still salvaging any positivity...

a case of corneal ulceration
Happy to announce that Mishah was given a quick medical help from her good vet doctor. She has responded well enough to the eye drops, no more grossly swelling and bulging. But unluckily she is going to be blind. I sure hope we can save the good right eye. I am pretty hoping that she'd eventually be able to pull through after all these. She's set to undergo the knife after a week of drops treatment. This is so much for Mishah and it pains me not to be there for her. This is something not so easy for me since she's a darling not only to me but for all the members of my family. We all pray for Mishah who's turning four this March. We all wish her to be well...soon.

We love you so much, Michie-san!

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