Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My guilty pleasure?! ;D

My daughter has been teasing me these past few days when she got the chance to visit my blogsite, oh wow... o n l y just when I did send her the link. She's kind of busy her alibi?! She went crazy about me posting my pictures off the reel one after another. LOL, my gawd... dearie your mom is on a vacation (what else do you expect?!). And besides, it felt so downright sad posting much more about the previous tragedy...I just felt the need to veer away a little and tell the whole world that life must go on. And there's still more to enjoy here. And that we are safe here...

And it has been an SOP to bring a digicam, aside from the ketai (cellphone) and the new Canon Eos to record every event, posterity-wise. One can't ignore the beauty of the place. And so thus the bulk. Yesterday again we visit the Higashiyama Zoo and Botanical Gardens and the Nagoya Higashiyama SKY Tower.

[to be continued...]

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