Saturday, March 19, 2011

As you like...

Lunch muna...
Left the house at 9am and  after an hour drive we arrived at Orange Park just right in time for lunch.  Rows of reserved dining tables were arranged meticulously each with round yakiniku hot plates with complete table settings. There were  two large plates with fresh and thinly sliced vegetables, some seafoods, beef slices and shiitake mushrooms. We did all the cooking right in front of us and when we're done a bus shuttled us to rows of  well covered farm. We were given some details on how to pick the strawberries...and when we were ushered inside, my jaw dropped because it  felt like I was the owner of the's all ours. We were given each a plastic with condensed milk and right in front was a table where we could have each of our refills. We carefully went through the long but narrow farm...of beautiful red strawberries. It's eat all you

Let's go!
after eating 24 big strawberries d ko na kaya...
the shuttle
A real experience to pick and eat all you can, ichigo-gari. They do have vast farms for their orange produce ...strawberry, which is now in season that's why...and also grapes and many more like melon....and others.

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