Thursday, March 3, 2011

Coffee habit

Cinnamon Vienna
@Comeda Coffee

One thing I can't do without is coffee. I so tried to stay away from getting too much of it by not buying my usual 3in1 (I prefer 3in1 since I'm trying to break off the habit) the last week. I tend to crave for it in the morning and when I feel like having my usual coffee break. Instead I veered to tea-ho, a machan (ma-san)...or what is known as green tea. Pero iba pa rin ang kape. So one late night I was kind of feeling sad about what Mishah is going through. So we decided to go out and look for a coffee house to unwind and feel a bit better naman. But I like the one who serves us sliced banana, egg and slices of toasts with butter. All are free when you order a cup of coffee...sugoi ne!

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