Monday, September 26, 2011

Yay, am a year older and it's great! Cheers!

birthday dinner at Max's Resto

pineapple juice perked me up a bit that night....was so sick ;(

First of all, I just want to thank God for making it so possible for me coming this, am over the hills they say...and am so grateful indeed. Nothing I ask for at this point in life, I do have some disappointments but that's nothing compared to what God has been giving me so nothing to complain. For me, it's always a la la la love day always, and that should be the spirit.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!! (Sept 23, 2011)

That very day ...I suddenly felt so sick, didn't know why. I came late by few minutes away from the reserved dinner. Right there and then I felt vomity but of course I had to smile and smile...for the cam also and for the rest of everyone with me. I got flowers, hmm...thanks. Got some gifts too. And the most important many well wishers that really took time sending me sweet notes of greetings. So on dinner that night I never tasted a bit of food much as I wanted to, really not a's zero, I only had a glassful of my fave pineapple juice. I feel like I would just puke right after taking them into my mouth.So before the dinner was done I begged off to my kids for me to stay in the car while they were finishing their food. Then went home after. Just stayed in my ac'd room and slept the night away while I heard them singing downstairs.

My eldest daughter with her siblings gave me a new  wonderful Blackberry thank you, I am now a proud owner of BB fon! I love it! ;D

To wrap this up, want to say again THANK YOU, LORD!

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