Tuesday, September 27, 2011

REPOST: Back on the road...

Yesterday I spent the whole day waiting and going to and fro at Mitsubishi Diamond Motors, where I chose to have our car fixed by duly efficient auto-mechanics. Sapped by Ondoy's floodwater last September...that gave me a lot of whinings and sleepless nights since then. Mas madali pa siguro kung ibebenta ito but it was the least in my mind. I just wanted it fixed before tiny bits of rusting started to ruin the car and it's just unpardonable to see it depreciating day by day sitting idly in the garage. That [effing] computer box was the culprit and the price compared to surplus is really sky-rocket, too steep talaga. Pati servo-kit nadamay din. :( It's just so important pala talaga to protect it from getting soaked and wet. I didn't have any idea how to remove it from the compartment. If only I knew how then, di ko siya pababayaan talaga. Plus the Cobra alarm is damaged also and not working na. But thinking that, among other things, yung car ang pinakamahalang gamit ko sa bahay.I just grew impatiently disappointed when I shelled a lot of money but nothing doing. Ayun di na nagpakita sa akin yung mekaniko ko. Kasi naman nagdudunong dunungan. That's when I started browsing about the problem. I emailed na lang the Mitsubishi Motors and asked for help. So far, satisfied naman ako sa result because it didn't take a lot of waiting at nagawa naman agad yung problema. It's just so important pala talaga to protect it from getting wet. I didn't have any idea how to extract it from the compartment. If only I knew how then, di ko siya pababayaan talaga. Among other things, yung car ang pinakamahalang gamit ko sa bahay. Now am thanking for the swift action they have given me...the y are bunch of efficient, courteous and solicitous professional car advisers and auto mechanics. I only have superlative comments about them. Nothing negative I had and for this I bow...
Now of course it's still yet not the normal car I used to drive...naiba ang menor, matigas ang kambyo, was afraid while I was driving kagabe na the clutch might slide during the trip, plus the apprehension na I might lose my break...gosh...ang busina ko wala...the odometer still not functioning well. Everything was damaged talaga. I just focused on my driving talaga na sana umabot ako ng house na walang disgrasyang mangyari. Then I heard this tricycle driver blurted out "sisingit singit ka...ayaw mo namang umabante!"...natawa lang ako talaga kasi di niya alam ang sinasabe niya. I got my very 1st DL 1987 pa. At never pa akong na-ticket-an. Kaya alam ko na ginagawa ko. Isa pa ako ang nasa tamang lane at palagay ko kulang siya sa kalaman tungkol sa road courtesy and sa driving regulations. At wala akong siningitan kagabe at never akong sumingit dahil alam ko na by this time ang tamang pagtakbo sa kalsada. Wheeew! We went at Mitsubishi with a Honda motorcycle, so I drove the car while my son never left my side for backing me up. He then told the ill-mannered tricycle driver who shouted at me, "kasama ko yan, wag mong sinisigaw sigawan...nanay ko yan"...at tumawa na lang ang mokong. Bastos talaga. Mas maraming walang modo ata talaga ngayon. Really, some people are....! Eh half the size of the car na nga lang layo ko sa sinusundan kong car...which we all know na di advisable. Hay naku...kasi wala silang proper training, basta nakapagpaandar lang okey na.

Now I need to give our car a decent engine wash, another change oil, and the whole lot of care and all should be observed for safety reason. About how much I spent and will still have to shell out, I think it's enough to buy me another cheap second hand car.

And more power to Mitsubishi [Diamond Motors]...na super maganda ang treatment sa amin particularly kahit common people lang kami. Thank you kina Mr. Roy Aquino and Mr. Nemie Marcos...na very professional kausap at magagalang talaga sila and efficient. Salamat po ng marami. Kudos!

A reminder:
Learn how to drive defensively and effectively with these four easy steps. However, you have to remember that driving a car is a big responsibility. It is not something you can use to become popular among your friends and classmates. Once you are given a driver's license, you have an added social responsibility. You have to be very careful...for you and for others' sake too!

Published: 12/10/09 6:58 AM

Slumped on one's own hunkers!

REPOST: Remembering Ondoy...now we have Pedring (Nisat) and I heard by tomorrow another strong typhoon is coming to hit the country. Let's just pray that Ondoy will never ever happen again.

Everyone here in our community is busy cleaning their homes from the enormous bulk of garbage Ondoy has left after that great flood has breached neck-deep last Sept 26th and 27th. It was a calamitous defeat for everyone...including me and my family. On that fateful day, I had to find an easy access for my mtg earlier but to my disappointment , every way was so shin-deep flooded already until I resigned and went home right away. I just stayed in my bed and from time to time I looked outside how deep the flood had reached. I scurried away with funky knees to transfer my car immediately after my good neighbor texted me that half of my tires has already dip in running floodwaters which happened to be right beside her windows. And so I jumped out to save it. I saw a place where it could be safer. But an hour-long after I went home the water surged in through the bathroom and laundry sewer so...it was very very quick until just a ruler length was left visible of our perimeter fence. We were then forced to stay at the 2nd floor of our house, good thing...if not we would be swimming to cold murky water... no food no water except the big bag of Pic-a my dau hide in the closet. I saw many young snakes swimming to find their own niche. My son saw long adult snake swimming in the flooded vacant lot.  It was a relief that my dau was in San Sebastian for the Sports-fest. I told her not to go home since there was no way she could make it home because the flood current was already surging and most of the passengers were trapped and stranded. It was a relief also to hear that the faculty decided to house stranded students and fed them for two days, first at the gym and the 2nd day they stayed at the convent. What worried me that fateful day was when my son went home walking under the rain with his gf and left alone to look after his motor bike that has been stocked at the main gate where flood was waist-deep already and the current was strong too...and from that time on I never ceased to pray to see my son alive. I was hopeless to save my car from the flood but please spare my son and give him back to me was all I could utter in my silent prayer. The next day after heaving a heavy sigh of longing, he arrived home unscathed. Praise God! He has a lot of stories to tell. Only at this event that I took notice that we have had no existing [fire] exit to be used during emergencies. What if the flood like what happened in Marikina came to the point that residents like my niece, has to break and forced the steel window open just to make themselves safe and free to go to higher place? You're lucky if your house has second floors and luckier indeed if you have the third.
I can't find the exact words to describe how we felt exhausted hoisting all important furnitures, things and the likes just to save them from the surging flood. We have this one plastic box full of new gadgets I saw floating on water...some if not all pretty bandboxes of my daughter full of trinkets, knick knacks, mementos and some what-nots...sigh...were thrown into garbage already. I really can't imagine this things will happen in just one flick. Now after all those cleaning and washing, and everything, we all are galumphing due to too much exhaustion.

What comes after this? We have nothing to hold on to...except our faith... no one is spared from calamitous event like this that can wipe us out in an instant. We're left to pray and leave everything to fate and God.

PS/I saw this Kevin Costner starrer several times and I just remember this fiction movie because of what me and my family and the whole victims as well, have gone thru from the wrath of Ondoy. Maybe this what will happen in the future if we won't stop throwing caution to the winds...let us be more responsible...help, save and protect the earth.

Waterworld movie [1995]

POSTED: 10/02/09 4:38AM

I was there, safe and unharmed!

I saw this vid while I was looking for  typhoon Pedring (Nisat) news updates via you tube, backtracking...I was there when it happened but we're pretty one of the luckiest and miraculously unharmed...since we lived just a few-minute-drive from the sea where I used to feed birds...wonder why ours seemed to be so tamed that time...compared to one that had brought havoc to Sendai...am thankful up to this day that we were spared from that catastrophic event.

Prayers for those who weren't that lucky enough....those who perished from that tragic misfortune.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Yay, am a year older and it's great! Cheers!

birthday dinner at Max's Resto

pineapple juice perked me up a bit that night....was so sick ;(

First of all, I just want to thank God for making it so possible for me coming this far...lol, am over the hills they say...and am so grateful indeed. Nothing I ask for at this point in life, I do have some disappointments but that's nothing compared to what God has been giving me so nothing to complain. For me, it's always a la la la love day always, and that should be the spirit.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!! (Sept 23, 2011)

That very day ...I suddenly felt so sick, didn't know why. I came late by few minutes away from the reserved dinner. Right there and then I felt vomity but of course I had to smile and smile...for the cam also and for the rest of everyone with me. I got flowers, hmm...thanks. Got some gifts too. And the most important was...so many well wishers that really took time sending me sweet notes of greetings. So on dinner that night I never tasted a bit of food much as I wanted to, really not a bit..it's zero, I only had a glassful of my fave pineapple juice. I feel like I would just puke right after taking them into my mouth.So before the dinner was done I begged off to my kids for me to stay in the car while they were finishing their food. Then went home after. Just stayed in my ac'd room and slept the night away while I heard them singing downstairs.

My eldest daughter with her siblings gave me a new  wonderful Blackberry handfon...so thank you, I am now a proud owner of BB fon! I love it! ;D

To wrap this up, want to say again THANK YOU, LORD!