Friday, April 25, 2014

Blooms from heaven...

As Pablo Neruda once wrote..."You can cut all the flowers but you cannot keep spring from coming."

And he is so right...forever spring will be in eternity as God also loves flowers. And this eternal beauty  is only possible if we take extra care of our nature and environment. So this will only be depending on how we care about our mother earth. So let's give our own share... 

 I am so privileged  to be able to travel some and one country that I most enjoy visiting is Japan. Such a beautiful country with a mixture of both high technology and some well preserved old-agri magic where I saw most oldies tender their own little or vast land themselves without hiring too many other hands.  Many of them too are into planting vegetables and fruits like cabbages, eggplants, kiwi, persimmon and others. and mostly all organic procedure...ahhh I could still smell the whiff of animals dang. Such a joyous journey where we can learned about new things about their culture and ways that differ from our own. And I adore each journey I had and so thrilled to see how they come up with themes each time I visit the country.  But it's a different feeling when you see acres of tulips all abloom in different colors. And you'd be in awe to see high ceiling-indoor gardens with different species of plants and other variety of  succulent plants. The people there are really making efforts bringing their best to put up a humongous fairy-tale-like-gardens.I always say a silent prayers to the one up above for giving us these beauty... In all my visit, I never had seen any one of them touching any of the flowers... it's how they are trained, to just look and enjoy without touching it or picking it from the is a no-no! And I admire this policy being implemented to everyone. In my mind, had I been a super rich person, I will put up a big big garden for all people to visit and see it's beauty and be relaxed... cos seeing this kind of man-made garden is just so heavenly.

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