Thursday, April 3, 2014

When HE says one can say NO!

I am inspired by this Picoult line... when God says one can ever say no 

I still can vividly remember how I got hold of a book by Jodie Picoult, and it was my very first book she authored..."Handle with Care" and I couldn't afford to just go without me having that copy. I read the back cover where a short glimpse of the whole story is written. After reading that book... I crave for more of Picoult ....

 Her books are highly recommended for someone like me who loves to read, and am sure again that you will never get tired of her and her novels... plus your shelves won't be complete without you adding some Picoult on it. 

I am halfway done reading Keeping Faith and I just got a new book again given by my son who instead of me giving him a gift on his turned out to be the other way around. He let me choose from bulks of books on the shelves and I have but one author in mind... Picoult... 
To my Arvin, belated HBD  and I wish you all the luck in this world...Thank you for the gift, I truly treasure our friendship and the mother-son-thingy. I love you to no end. 

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