Saturday, June 30, 2007

Camera shy...!

Yup, I really dig those unclear and candid shots...coz I hate my full clear shots taken. I hate cameras! Whenever we're traveling, me and my dau is really roughhousing inside the van...I miss her kakulitan, 'coz she's right now in Baste for an overnight camping to welcome freshmen. I don't worry much 'coz Baste is quite strict with policies I've learned. And besides it is done inside the campus and no one is allowed to go out. I think my dau is proud to be a Bastinian. And I am too!

Bravo Baste!!!

We have Lupin...

My high-school chum gave me a pup, and my DH calls him Lupin. It's obviously from the tv series Lupin. I wanted sana to call him Panget...kc sya ang pinaka-ugly sa lahat. Just the same, he is a welcome sight. I bought a collapsible cage, big enough for him to move around but during the night only I put him there so as not to scatter his dang. Yuckkk! Yan ang pnaka-hate ko talaga. He has his vitamins and a deworming capsules to be taken every 2weeks. My goodness! Additional gastos pa sila...My daughter is really excited to buy CHIBI (who is still in his mom named Funny, still sucking) and LUPIN sets of doggie-dresses. I bought a puppy leash but he whines...better in cage...but he wants to roam around the house.

Dog's are really friendly and loyal. I saw 3 puppies at AKFcenter, I wanted sana to adopt but I have no idea how to go there. i remember the names that start with letter E, one is Esther, and I forgot the rest...adorable puppies talaga.

Everyone here is excited to bring CHIBI home.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Lessons we learned from our good parent...

My mother used to tell "huwag nyong yayapusin ang poste...dahil hindi nyo makakaya" and that means we have to learn how to live in simple talaga namang hindi mag-aabot ang kamay natin pag sinubukan nating yapusin ang poste hindi ba?!

My father inculcated in my young mind then, "na huwag mong aangkinin ang anumang hindi sau..."

I saw in my father the wisdom of an old man...with only his dignity and the "palabra de honor" in his hand...kaya ang tatay ko ay matalim magsalita. At isa un sa aking namana...that words play a powerful armour to fight for what is true and what is right...

Words are like whetted can hurt!

One more thing I can still vividly remember...a lesson on would always say..."matuto kayong magdildil ng asin, kaysa matuto kayong umutang!" Isn't that great a wisdom! These are some of the simplest lesson to remember as time goes by...and I am passing it on my children...who are now living in simplicity and penny pinching.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

A bit lightheaded...

I want to blog more...but I think I'm woozy and just want to sleep this feelings away.
I am with low energy this, Ciao!

Truth of the matter is...

You can kill me if I am a lampooner!
I only write and blog what is true enough...
For me blogging is a serious matter...

And I love is a connection...a link.
A diary of my own life...of how I I love...
and how I hate things.

And that's life...

A stinger in me...

As a person I got a strong hunch...a feeling or a suspicion that I do not know the reason for. But I always ignore it because I don't want to be such a paranoid as ever. For me that's very, very bad. To be such a prejudice for me is ladidaing...

And so, that things happened because I didn't scry much on details...that was bad them my full trust. These people looks so real and gentle...but they wore a masks...worse than I could ever imagine. I pitied those people who had hidden some agenda at the tip of my nose. I know I'm scrupulous oftentimes but somehow somewhere I do some boo-boo's...because of too much trusting. These people are very irritating...making mistakes and yet still so proud of themselves...they think they are somebody to be respected when they are meant to be otherwise.

Hope they do better next time!
Treating people with due respect...regardless of the strata they're in!
I am a respectable person...but I'm ballistic and a fighter when my principle and the truth is at stake!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Wearing a smile...

To wear a smile is just so easier than frowning...and explaining to everybody why I'm sad...

Just can't wait to bring CHIBI home!

My birthday gift for my daughter who will turn 18 on August 8...
And also my high school classmate cum friend is going to give me a pup...a mongrel...2mos old, I'm gonna bring him home tomorrow. Deworming is what I really hate most...but I have to gather enough guts...seeing those slimy slugs...whoah, somebody please help me!!! I have yet to see how I will cope on this things...break a glass!!!

Thank you, LORD!

Tears of joy...

Well, kahit ano pa ang sabhin nila, I am truly happy....I got the title...legally that's OURS!!!

I have learned a lot through this...never to trust anyone. Be wary of those who have sweet tongues!!!

Friday, June 22, 2007

Let's heal our oceans, too...!

Oceans and its creature needs help also, so let us encourage our friends and other people to cooperate and do what can be done in healing our ocean and the marine life
living in it. When you dive deep in the ocean and you see the wonderful world under, you will feel great about this gift from God. And to think that part of what we eat for subsistence, we got it from the ocean. If no one cares enough with the declining marine life, what will happen is, we will only live with animal's meat that is not so healthy and will only give us possible ailments.

We have to eat good foods and keep a well-balanced diet.

If you eat fish, choose from the list of fish that are caught in eco-friendly ways.


Sharing the joys...!

I am so glad to be a patriot and a supporter of this Environmental Defense.
"It's Founding Trustee Art Cooley shared the same thoughts on this historic enviromental victory at his speech...and shared the joy that they felt when they were able to restore the bald eagle to its rightful place. To coincide with the celebration of the event this coming July 4th, they will also share the joys and celebrate the full recovery of America's national symbol...the Bald Eagle." Isn't that a great accomplishment? It is indeed! Taking actions to protect endangered species, sharing visions, and working along to save earth and the oceans as well is heroic.

I admire and I have full respect to the people involved here in this great act. You have my full support guys. KUDOS!!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Don't wait till it hurts...yeah, that holds true...when you're in a relationship, in any kind of a relationship...if it is a one-way better think of yourself. Maybe you're not on a right track. It should always be a two-way lane...the give and take relationship. One has to think twice before getting in a mess. Sometimes people are too selfish to think of the others. One has to give and the other has to take, but for how long one has to endure? In friendship for one, there should be a marriage there should always be respect...and in all other types, respect, harmony, love and the give and take will always remain going...and stay...for good.

Be wary of selfish affectations...

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I think I have to... better this time subtle and gentle a little firmer when it comes to decision-making

...stay fit and get slimmer this time, nice to hear people saying... "you look
slimmer than before!"

...have a good jugdement and sensible way of thinking save!

...avoid slip-ups this time even more those people who truly love me to no end

...avoid bad influence ideas

...avoid unnecessary luxuries

...avoid going out more often

...avoid people who can influence my good judgement

...avoid eating not-so-good-food that can harm my health

...visit the orphanage so often and share whatever blessings I got some of my newest Dean Koontz's collections

...appreciate life a lot a lot fruits a lot

...attend to the needs of my children

...pamper myself a lot careful with my health and my family too

Monday, June 18, 2007

Alone again...

A good start this morning...all kids are out now to school, so sad here alone...if not for this stuff I would have gone crazy, walang makausap sa hauz. All I got to do is to clean the house and the toilet and everything. Now here I'm blogging and arranging all receipts and all the finances.

With the condura running, and the Sandalwood aroma burning that's a good and refreshing scent. It's good to be home....alone...!!!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Eyes droopy now...

I'm sleepy now....ciao!

Rainbow connections...

If you love rainbows just as I should know Elam bend's quite terrific...awesome...and a sight to behold!!!

Go check Dan Bush photo galleries and you will be amazed! A great find. It's great's a treasure forever if I were Dan Bush.

Better late than never!

Before I forgot, let me greet, all dada and fathers out there.

Be great...and feel great!!!

Being protected...

Went to see our doctor last Saturday, for a check up. Got flu shots protect us from getting flu specially now that rainy season is near. We are about to have also the pneumoccocal shots that will protect us from getting pneumonia and meningitis.
Flu is very common ailment during rainy season...that's why we should be very very careful about our health now. Like what the doctor says, it's an investment, an ounce of prevention is much better than an ounce of cure...

I am still contemplating on whether to have an epidural shots to reduce pain on my back or just have the traction instead...I am still thinking about how would I decide on this matter. I wish to have a good decision in the end.

Busy as a bee...

Greetings!!! Been very busy nowadays...the debut of my dau is near will fall on August 11 but her birthday is actually on the 8th. I feel so sad that I can't post some good stories about my weeklong happenings but I always fell asleep whenever my back touches the are some good treats I wish to share for you...our home-made dumplings, yummy!!! The other one is quite very easy to make...sautee garlic, then followed by onions and then the tomatoes...good for breads...and healthy too...the last one is a cooler, easy to prepare also, you will need gelatin, tapioca, milk and shredded a little sugar and ice.

Monday, June 11, 2007

A nice trip to Laguna...

We went to Cuyab hot Laguna. We had fun on the way, sight-seeing naman...ang ganda ng nature talaga. Will continue but first will just log out....I have attend to muna....Ciao!!!

Thursday, June 7, 2007

A double sigh...

......sigh! Oh my...just got my xray result and I just found out that I now got a Levoscoliosis. That means the convexity is very much on the left. I am... and I know 'coz I make it a point to study on line about my agony...I's not about agony pala cause there's a lot more painful things than my backpain...there's emotionally painful pa more than what I feel today and I am still blest I knew it from the off...and well, to continue, I am now constrained and I can't do much work at home...what a bummer I get!!!

But I am thankful enough 'coz I'm not gonna die yet!!! God is sooooo good to me inspite of my slip-ups. Well, He knows my heart...more than others.

God is good....!!!

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Feeling much like Garfield...

Hay naku...eto na naman ako...feeling very much like Garfield. Inaantok na naman ako...very sleepy. Ok, I'll just post when I come back from the much needed rest and recharge. Then will go straight to hospital for the xrays...!!! I just hope na wala akong slip discs...with fingers crossed I pray.

I'm always sleepy...

About to lose hope...and cry....

Hay naku, I was feeling dead-beat and tired running to and fro. For about two weeks already, we've been invading Megamall a lot of times, looking for school shoes for my dau, who stands 5'5 at 17!!! She was like, "It hurts!!!".....kapag walang maibgay ang saleslady na big sizes. We went to Metro Market Market and Glorietta and still nil. Went back to Mega...and VOILA!!! our amazement may nakuha kami, sa Dept. store lang pala. Ssssshhhhh! It's a size 10...grabe...parang barko. Almost complete now and she's all ready for the opening of school next week. Very excited ang anak ko.

Will have our xrays with my Lumbo-sacral and my dau for her Thoraco-lumbar. She's having pain in her lower hips and she's afraid of having scoliosis like mine.
She's a DH at home she would always say...we do not hire house-help. We just have one that comes during the day, and go home afterwards. Pinching pennies?!

With my AMEGA bracelet, with the new prescribed medications of Dr. Asedillo...2 kinds of pain reliever, and with the help of could I go wrong? Now, I'd notice...
na it's easier for me to walk and my pains become dull. Nalalakad ko na ang Megamall from Bldg. A to B...and it's great indeed! I love to walk...sans any pain. Pag hindi pa ito naging positive, I would resort to having Epidura shots to take away those debilitating pains at my back that impedes me from doing everyday works and make me limber with steroids shots...parang ayoko nga ng steroids, baka ako maggain pa ng weights. And I quite hate it. We were in the mall and I asked the saleslady for my size to fit some gave me MEDIUM sizes...hahaha...from XXL (muntik ng maging triple X) ay naging medium na ako....ang galing ng feeling...everybody would go like' "ui ang payat mo na!"

It's quite good to be fit...!!!
Health-wise and self-gratification also.

I am into fruits nowadays...I hate eating meat now...also chicken.
Just take fish...any...and all fruit-diet...I love it!

And I feel great now!

Monday, June 4, 2007

Dog-tired and sleepy...

A long day indeed...

I am tireeeeeeeeed!!! Zzzzzzzzzzzz........

I want to sleep away the whole morning...

Hahaha! My favorite pict and my favorite pastime...sleeping, a pleasant way of passing time. With my eyes droopy and can I resist?!

It's bye-bye time first, just give me a full day off.

Some twists and turns...?!!!

I love reading almost everything. So when we were at the Medical City with my daughter and a friend, I excused myself to buy some snacks, but they were surprised when they saw me having piles of reading materials from local YES! magazine to worldwide NEWSWEEK...but I brought snacks!!!

And so I read...

Do scientists really want to play God? They are they say, trying to make life maverick, "Craig Venter who almost single-handedly decoded the human genome ---is on the verge of making artificial life in the lab." There are many detractors indeed. And some scientists aren't convinced that it can be done. Religious leaders and some environmentalists showed their dismay about tinkering with life, forging chemicals into synthetic DNA...whoah!!! It's quite unbelievable.

And now "Craig wants to make a cell that turns sunlight into biofuel!!!"
Amazing?! or is he pushing too far? Well, we've got to wait...

Thanks....Reese V. !!!

Thank you very much....for the half and half!!!
Will try to email you and visit your blog every now and then.
Just don't forget to post yummy recipe...I just love to cook for my family. I got kids who eat like a bird so I want to introduce some new delicacies and concoction. But for my husband who is breadaholic, he always crave for just anything...he loves to eat and eat...not nice though. I'm pushing him to reduce a little.

And so..., thanks very big...!!!

Sunday, June 3, 2007

A lachrymist no more...!

Yes..!!! I don't weep a lot anymore! Why should I in the first place? God has been so good to me and there's no reason for me to cry anymore...shame on me!!! Now, I've learned to live one day at a time. Be happy and more thankful of every blessings that I am getting each day.

Busy doing this...and that...going here and there....!!!

It's been a long day since Monday...going to and fro. Went to bank to inquire for some business matter, went to Medical City to seek therapeutic help from an orthopedic surgeon who promise to give me some exercises that will help strengthen my hamstrings and some weak muscles. OMG, he suggested that I be confined for at least 5 days...for ultrasound, hot pad and continuous tractions...sigh...

In tow was my dau who cried for some nights due to muscle pain at the back, kinda
paranoid na may scoliosis na sya...We ate lunch sa Tiendesitas, we had guinataang tahong, sweet and sour maya maya, Bicol express and chopseuy. I ate very little lang...anorexic na ata ako. I just want to drink green tea and nothing but fruits. I don't know how i changed my eating habit. Everyone here is nagtataka...ako!

Here with us, is my sister-in-law (who I adore, kasi mabait siya), She's about to go home a little later but...hay naku mamaya na lang gabi...bitin ang kwentuhan namin. Milda the labandera always give out loud laughters, masyadong mababaw ang kaligayahan...she has a sunny disposition kahit hirap sa buhay. A positive attack, I told her it's a good sign...hahaha...pwede ng ipasok sa mental asylum...ang lakas tumawa...nakakahawa...!!! I took her out sa Glorietta at Megamall...naku parang thing, hindi ko sya ikinahihiya...masaya sya. Masaya kapag nakakatulong ka sa kapwa. And it's great!!!

Friday, June 1, 2007

A lousy fotog....?!

Trying hard....

Yeeeesssss....but at least am trying....

Welcome to my abode.... :-)

Giving the house a quick once over is quite taxing...but it felt good right after.

Ang ganda na d ba, in spic and span order....?