Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Terry Fox Award for the 2010 Georgian Olympic Team

Olympian motto tells “faster, higher, stronger” ...

"We believe that the Georgian Olympic team as a whole represents what this award is all about: It is designed to "honour an Olympian who touches the world with courage, humility, and extraordinary athletic abilities at the 2010 Winter Games." The courage of the Georgian Team has touched the world, as they have continued on despite the tragic death of their teammate, Nodar Kumaritashvili"

I think they have valid reason for this common beliefs that they should be given this award if only to gas them up to compete even with broken spirits, and who wouldn't? They've lost one team mate just out of the blue. It's really hard when you're out there against your opponent and you set a goal to sack as much as many medals as you can get and yet you're having this momentary emotion that turns on and off in a matter of seconds.

The Olympic honchos should not be too steely not to give this award to the fallen luger's team group to compensate for the team's unyielding professionalism. They have gathered enough courage and do not let the recent incident be the reason to hang their heads in sorrow specially once the whistle to start the game begins. I am just wondering who is to blame here? Of course not Nodar, have a heart please. The problem lies at the last sharp bend of the icy course of the Whistler slide tracks that can shove as fast as 90 mph in just a swoosh. The slide rink is really said to be the fastest. The blame shouldn,t be on the fallen young luger...just out of respect to the deceased athlete. News said..." Just days before the accident, he had called his father, a former Soviet luge champion, and said the speeds on the Whistler run scared him", somehow it is what we can call gut feeling that something portentous was bound to happen that fateful icy morning. Wheew...really sad...I wonder how the family took this just a day away before Valentines.

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