Sunday, February 14, 2010

Rest in peace and stay near God...

GO for they say....

Nodar Kumaaaaritasvili
has left a great impact [or can I say stigma, or scar?] in the now 2010 Winter Olympics [Vancouver, Canada] for his great love on luge sport competition and made it known worldwide what his passion is all about. Honestly, I knew nothing about luge until Nodar's tragic mishap. Winter Olympics is synonymous to ice of course. And so it reveals the hazard it all carries playing such race with death itself as what happened this recent harrowing event before the initial kick off of the competition. It has created a lot of turmoil and run-downs when the actual videos was aired globally, still is. For me it's an equal thing. The worse to make it roll for couple of times over chronicling Nodar's physical agony and yet it is only wise from my own POV to show what really went through with the help of the CCTV cam video that covers all the details of his accident angle by angle...that has caused his dear young life. It really shows that sh#t really do happen in the most unexpected ways. But what is important here is the lesson we learned out of it. The lesson learned the hard way which has put someone's life in an end.

Note: If you want to see the actual video which earned [-ing] a lot of run-downs from those people who love Nodar so much and didn't much like the showing of the said footages, go to this site via FB...Kumaritashvili RIP. See how it all happened with the sound of his head when it smashed against the unpadded steel beam just right before the last curve at the Whistler Sliding Center, considered the fastest track in the world reaching to its 95plus mph. I don't want to slight the bereaved family more that's why I didn't embed the video. But somehow I believe people like me ought to know what exactly really has happened during the tragic slide to death.

NODAR, may your soul rest in peace. Stay near God.

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