Saturday, February 20, 2010

To my dearest friend...

Get well soon, Ms Rosanna Reyes-Espiritu

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Me and my childhood friend Ellen visited an old chum from elem last week, so when we saw each other, the very first time since we bumped into each was really a blast. She really allowed us the run of the house. We helped her cook lunch for her hub and us na rin. Then we ate together. We talked a lot keeping up with lots of jokes and stories to tell to rekindle our old friendship. We laughed a lot. We joked a lot. It was great seeing each other after a long long time. It was fun! Friendship is really to be treasured.

But the sad part is...I got a text that she's having severe stomach pain and would be rushed then to the nearby hospital, but settled to go to St. Lukes at the eleventh hour. Whoah! I just hope it's just a simple spasm.


  1. Wow, meeting again a friend from elem! Your post got me thinking about my elem classmates. I haven't heard any news about some of them since our graduation day. I'd be thrilled to see them someday.

    Thank you po for peeking at my blog. I admire you for managing to have several blogs. Ako, isa lang pero nangungulelat pa po hehehe.

    God bless po.

  2. yup thanks, we've got another chance to hang out again yesterday. it seems we've got a lot to keep up with...tomorrow it'll be in my place. never ending chit chat and sharing, and some reminiscing moments when we were younger. it's good to be loved! :)


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