Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Just a little review...

I was watching late programs and then I decided to go to bed when I so happened to stay a bit in one channel after hearing someone from government talking about sergeant of arms. Immediately in my mind, I think it should be.. sergeant at arms, eh very elementary naman yun, bragging aside di ba? Pag election time natin for our class officer. Hehe, I remember I wasn't even nominated to be the class' even once. Ayaw kong ma-nominate para sa sergeant at arms, feeling ko mukha akong lalake. But going back...I always feel am not so sure of myself though. Eh I couldn't really go to sleep soundly if I wouldn't be able to assure myself what's right . So I did go to for awhile though with smarting eyes already and a bit sleepy na talaga. It's sergeant at arms nga. Though the spelling differs only in using whether sergeant or the British' serjeant.

Now I can go to sleep,'coz it's really sergeant at arms...
Konting ingat lang 'coz a lot of people are watching you. A little review won't hurt...lalo na't government official ka. People look up to you so siguro medyo dapat maging maingat sa mga bagay bagay lalo na't it will be aired, much so eh recorded pa 'yan tiyak. If you're an ordinary person no one cares whether you say it right or not.

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