Friday, June 4, 2010

Has left some good treats...

As dog lover, one may be a habitue at Tiendesita's where you can roam around with your pets and not to be called your attention as long as nobody gets hurt. Some bring their big dogs like Labrador, German Shepherd, Doberman, or even Mallanois with their intimidating gait. Some others bring their small toy dogs like Mini Pins,or Chiuahuas and so on. Me, I usually visit the place to watch dog shows and look for dog stuff and or to bring Mishah there for grooming. One time I saw an unusual breed of dog,or it might be that it was only my first time to see a hairless Chinese Crested. I was shocked to learn that it would cost you a little less than 200 thou to buy one. Grabe di ba?! Hindi siya actually pangit pero di ko siya gusto. Pero iniba ni Miss Ellie ang pananaw ko sa isang Chinese Crested na tulad niya. Miss Ellie is the cutest actually...she bagged the 21st World's Ugliest Dog Contest.

Now, Miss Ellie...the cutest of all the ugliest group of dogs has met her final bow. She has died at 17 and for sure not only the owner [actually the second owner] is grieving for such great loss, 'coz we dog lovers. She wowed the audiences on "Dogs 101" and had so many previous stints where people found her cute and lovable. Ellie's left a legacy through her much effort to go in places where she was invited and her owner's effort too and they were able to raised $100,000 plus for her community's Humane Society. Surely Miss Ellie will go to doggie's heaven.

What a nice treat...arf arf!

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