Thursday, June 24, 2010

Steadfast to the utmost strain...

Apropos, I just hope he'll remain truly unbendable. P-noy is just trying to be consistent and quite amount of criticism or beauty should shake his stance...he's the chief now so he's got to be real effective stateman first & foremost! Whoah! Turning down a date with Ms.Mendoza?! You're the man...

Always constant and unswerved, and not to miss a beat ika nga! I have heard na he's a weakling, 'coz he is daw a yes mom and yes sis type, unquote, but it proved wrong when he said "No Kris, no powder please.." during his proclamation. And at first I didn't like his I-will-not-to-quit-smoking-for now stand when his attention was called by some, photographed holding or puffing a cigar. For smokers are just exposing themselves to too many illnesses, he's now a president so he has to project a good and clean living attitude. But in deference with our new president I was so impressed 'coz no amount of criticism will bend his decision. He will stop on his own volition, and not from anybody's unsolicited two-cents worth. Just for the sake of making and earning good feedbacks to make a good and nice facade. Man...he's so strong-willed, an attitude a stateman should always possess. The chief of the country should be at least this avoid the bulong-bulong system of some amuyong they say...who hide their motives to gain an access for their own advantage. Watch out for mudslinging Mr. President...and gather all those grists to be ground. The ball is yours now.

Let us support the new president and hope for a better future.

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