Tuesday, July 6, 2010


This happened last Saturday early morning. My blood-pressure automatically did shoot right up when I saw the empty cage...and I say empty. My three little kittens have gone instantly, cage still has it's lock. Some effing nuisance had managed to nick them out cunningly and slyly. It sadden me why there are people who can steal without a whiff of hesitation.I wonder what kind of upbringing their mothers inculcate into their numbed mind. How could anyone in their right senses do this unconscionable behavior?! I just wish na lang those three Siamese kitten so well. They were just as big as my palm when I got them. They were with me more than two months already. They are Pepper, Garlic and Onion. Actually mine is the male and female pair. The other one was for my son's friend. I gave her a call what had happened and I said I'd just pay for it, and good thing she didn't let me pay for the loss of her kitten. And if ever she will, I don't mind either.

What piqued me was... this' the third time it happened, first we've lost a new pair of Islander. Then someone again stole my son's Tribu. That person[?] is a cancer of our society, who have a very little chance to resolve his bad attitude. Like what the semi- villain I saw in the movie Shooter said...to Mark Wahlberg, "once you became a wolf, you'll forever be a wolf", not too sure but it sounded just like that. But I still believe that God is more powerful in any evillest whims of some human being out there who in a way have no regard to other people around him. I just hope that God will touch them to change for the betterment of his soul before he breathe his last. I have heard that they do it again and again for a living. They are forever sidelined,maybe because other people knew their true colors. They are hangers-on. What they want is nothing but to filch and nick. And steal and pilfer...and so whatever.

They are what we call nuisance...pitiful...err no, I mean pathetic.. or hateful?!

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