Thursday, July 29, 2010

Coffee please....

magkape tayo!
Somebody dear to me sent me some goodies and one of them is a box of coffee in packets. Since I am a coffee fiend who'll never start the day without sipping freshly brewed coffee...oh I love the whiff of its aroma that perks me up while am in front of the computer still half asleep making my posts.

Holding the empty packet here,and I read...
"Coffee of the light mouth hit withthat balance with no habit can be taken that the tasts roasted newly isleft as it is"

I never change any single letter and I do wonder what the f it means. Well thanks for trying the English language but it is better if they do it right. How much would it cost  them to  hire an English consultant, or one to proofread their label before printing it. Would it costs them an arm and a leg?!

[really can't digest the meaning...but to be fair the aroma  and the taste of the coffee itself is superb!!!]

Or just...anyone wit blue there?
Ah bahala kayo...basta panigurado masarap ang kape... ;-]

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