Wednesday, July 21, 2010

An ounce of prevention...

Honestly, being over the hills is not that easy. Everything is subjected to change [drastically if you're careless or it may be a bit slower if you are health-conscious], physically but among other thing is, it involves emotional aspect also. I for one have been in the hypertensive bracket already for how many years I do not know. I have my medications to help me make it lower down to normal when it shoots up but to tell you, no medication can heal that health problem. Once you're hypertensive it's there for the rest of your life. Lahat bawal...too much salt, pork, sweets and everything should be in moderation as all the case should be. So it's better to be wary when it comes to eating. Like what the saying goes, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" so it's better that we be more conscientious of what we put in. We should be eating more veggies, juices like pineapple juice, apple's, blueberries', and many more. And do a lot of healthy exercices from a trained instructor who is an authority when it comes to this area....of course we should also seek our doctor's certification whether it be moderate or a simple program it will be according to the doctor's professional advice only.

But the bottom-line here is, let's live a happy life and eat good foods. Always stay positive and do not worry too much. Avoid being stress over some matters that will only trigger your headaches and after that, you'll probably get sick and boom...we 'll only find ourselves in the vortext of dilemmas that will wear us out in the end, most probably will kiss our butt if we don't learn how to stay away from it.

Just do be happy to live longer...stay positive and always feel younger... hope it will do work for some miracle. Let's try it. Why not?!

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